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How do you feel about achievements

I fielded a team of commons in the last tourney specifically for this achievement got a couple of wins but they did not count towards this achievement

And 40 after that :wink:

It’s ok, darts are aplenty these days. I’m at 2000/5000 right now and already at 400k velociraptors :wink: Looks like I’m gonna hit the max on that one! That’s ok though! I like them high numbers.

To each their own of course. I like the clean sanc page of 3 level 20 and 1 team sanc we made.

The achievements are a great implementation and have boosted activity. I like that part. The sanc stuff is the only problem we have in our teams.

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Some rewards are good. Some quests are interesting. Rest are nonse and reward useless trash (badges and titles).

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My Veloci DNAs - that amount is after I’ve fused 5k++ Indominus DNAs.

My Erlidom is L30. My Indoraptor is L30.

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That’s good to hear. Next, when are they gonna change the 10 DH on Epic to something that is more manageable? Say 8 or 7? Because 10 DH on an Epic is near impossible for VIP, whatmore without it.

Did 10 DH on Euclado, non VIP. Its hard, but is doable. Anky, Seco, Koola are other good options.

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its not impossible, it just takes practice, and other factors as well. Just need to use the right drone setting and creature to dart, creatures like koola and anky and deer and turtle are easy. I haven’t completed it yet since I haven’t exactly had those easy epics in range but I’ve done it occasionally in the past. Besides, these achievements aren’t meant to be done in a breeze, that’s why I like em, they give you something to work towards


The task are fine eksept for the have this creature in lvl 15 … If its fuse lvl is 10 and u dont use it why spend the 1000s of coins to lvl it up to recive 500 coins :thinking: thats silly.

10 DH in epic is not hard or impossible.

Already got past that last week.
Took that last nr 10 Expert strikeevents and unlocked lvl 20 today. 30 difrent epics will move up to 40 im at 22/40 just playing the game daily base darting whut i can find. Il get Them 40 epics eventualy :slightly_smiling_face: just curies if theres a 50 difrent epic task as well :smirk::joy:. Weekend with 3 exlusive epics :yum: looking very good :yum:

Its funny to have another purpes with the game i realy enjoy Them :+1:

Now in the 25k Darts Fired mission.

Already gotten 840 DH on Epics. But still no 10x on a Drone. Classic Drone.

What cannot be done in a breeze are among others

Some are good at Darting. Some others aren’t. Not everybody is the same. The main reason why this forum is Toxic is because there’s no empathy.

Yes. I’m talking on behalf of many others who are struggling to complete that mission just to progress to the next level. Not to finish up that useless achievements. Just to get the sense of progress feelings.

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Try to learn the vet drone :grin: whenever i try classic drone i can Max get 11 darts fired and Max 5 DH upgrade to vet you will adapt to it much faster than u Think :+1:t2: I told this to our alliance members and now we finnish our DH before darts fired in missions :partying_face: try it :ok_hand:t2:

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It’s so unnatural and weird, I cannot get used to it. It seems like the way to go for this mission but I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a month of practice to get the hang of it. I tried it a lot and it’s just not my style.

I’ve been using vet for a few days now and I dislike it. Yes it’s very responsive but i like classic drones drifting more. Only keeping vet until I can get 10dh, whenever that happens.

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I like the Achievements.
In some cases the reward does not reflect the effort.
But there is also an interesting range of tasks and “consolation prizes”.

Great idea brought fresh blood. Some of the tasks are hard but what I really dislike is this:

Draw 1 Friendly/PvP/Strike battle
Use 2 or more Amphibian Scents (who storing them?)

Need boost reset:
Upgrade 1 creature with 20 Attack/HP/Speed Boosts

All other ones can be done with noprob. Now 308/344.
Well done Ludia. Keep them comming with each update.

I really like it, i think this was a really good idea from Ludia
UNTIL i stuck at rank tenth with 10 direct hits on Epic
(I know it is possible but I think it was too hard for only tenth rank)
I think it would be nice if Ludia change this achievement to be less hard
and player can move on to another rank

The only one they really need to change is Draw 1 Strike Tower. It can not be done, even with bleeders