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How do you feel about Indotaurus?

I feel Phorurex was fine to deal with during the skilled, but Indotuarus was very hard to beat:

  1. For the one without Armor, you hit it once, get 1/3 of counter damage, and get hit by $3,200 cleansing rampage, then mostly you are dead
  2. For the ones with Armor, you hit it once while it cloaks, get 1/3 of counter damage, hit twice, get another 1/3 of counter damage together with 2 times of whatever damage, and you are dead.

Scorpius can provide a good counter, but that’s about it.

Erlidominus would probably tear it apart.

Edit: Tried it on JWA toolbox, Erlidominus beats it 8 out of 10 fights. The two losses only come from Indotaurus getting lucky, or Erlidominus having already used up both Distracting Impact and Rampage.


Problem is Erli doesn’t work well against other meta, so cannot be included in the team, especially skilled. Flocks should also work, but just not strong enough against the others, so very few included Compy in their skilled teams.

Actually, Erlidominus does do fairly well against other meta creatures.

Yeah. Erlidom does well against magna(as long as faster), spyx(faster and enough attack), thor, mortem(RNG), hadros(RNG and mind games), and several more