How do you find where your mail is in your inbox?

Once you tap and read the new message, it will disappear afterwards.

In the top right, there is a picture of a card. Tapping it will bring you to either news or mail… on the top, you can switch between the two to find what you want… after tapping on something in the mail, it disappears.

Yeah that’s weird. I will never find my mail with their support team again. They ended the letter with"let me know if you need more information":confused:

The reason it disappears is it will bring you to the site it showed, or it gives u the incubator it said it would… for instance, if it says “come do a dino vote!” I tap it and it brings me to the site…

But for me it’s my mail to ludia support team and, interestingly, if I don’t receive any reply from them I won’t be able to find where it is

That’s really strange @TeaRekz. I recommend trying to send in a ticket directly through your email by pasting this address,, into the address bar next time and you should be able to see it in your email. If you have any other issues, could you try using that method to contact our team?

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