How Do You Get An Apex?

Do you basically just have to do Raid battle after Raid battle to get an Apex?

Yeah, basically
But you can only get dna once a day from them

You can fuse Arctovasilas and Ankylos Lux.


or you can buy all those Apex incubators with ridiculous price tags.
Saw Imperatosuchus apex incubator yesterday, which gives 40DNA for 15k in-game cash.

Believe me, Apex raids are the one consistent way to progressively build a very useful creature.

It’s a grind, what isn’t?
But it appears every week. Just needs some coordination to complete it.

Hunting for Unique components is much more difficult now.
There was a time that you could run a series of epic scents in the right area, and grind almost anything successfully.
Now we rely on events, the store, and a lot of luck with the scents/ spawns.
I remember Anky Sunday, where we would be hunting all day. It wasn’t unusual to find 20, with some effort.

It’s a very different story with the spawns so diluted.


U can do Raid Battle,fuse Anky Lux and Vasilas or do The Apex Test to unlock apexes

Yes, but u can fuse Val and A lux

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Those give like 10 DNA

But they are useful and boost ur apex unlock rate

But the 15 is like 5% of an apex

It does literately nothing

Bruh,If somebody had atleast 295 Hadros DNA,the test would help them

… If they have 295 I’m gonna bet that they have enough (or a lack there of) of a life to do one more raid

I get you’re trying to prove a point but its a measly 15 DNA when a max lvl apex neeeds like 1000