How do you get motivated when no hunted creature is useful and when no creature that can come out of a battle incubator is useful?

I play this game from almost the beginning. For many months this game amused me a lot. Going hunting was fun because many dinosaurs you found were useful. Fighting made sense to get incubators that were also useful. I still remember the thrill of opening the first epic incubators !!!

Then little by little the game became more and more boring. I went hunting but fewer and fewer creatures were useful once my team of uniques became 30. A few months ago I only had 5 creatures to hunt: Anky (zone 1), Quetzal (zone 2), Argentinian (zone 3), kentro (zone 4) and turtle (park, although the last turtle I saw was in the month of November).

Now, once Tryko, Orion and Ardentis are already 30, I have nothing to hunt, except epic turtles (but I cannot hunt these because I have no park several km from my confinement area).

I cannot hunt everything I need to improve my equipment because it is exclusive (mammoth, diplodocus, Allo2, …) and it cannot come out in battle incubators either.

In the new version two creatures have appeared that perhaps can be useful in the very very long term (the common turtle and the deer epic) but I see one turtle a day and a deer every 10 days. Also on Sundays I can try to hunt some wild boar (one every Sunday although later the rest of the week I see dozens of rare weekly ones).

I have the same team for many months and will surely continue the same with perhaps a change the following. I don’t care too much about the rating. Boosts have degenerated battles but that would not matter if I could continue to have fun hunting but I need to have something to hunt !! and there is nothing :frowning:

I thought that new powerful uniques based on legendary hybrids that they have been waiting for months (alanky, dracoceratops, scolasaurus, …) would come out and that this would cause new illusions but none of that happens. All the new uniques that appear have as their basic element an exclusive creature and, therefore, not huntingable.

How am I supposed to motivate myself to play if I can’t catch anything useful and I can’t get anything useful in battle incubators either? How do you who are in my situation?

I suppose that some in my situation dedicate little by little to evolve epics like Trex or legendary ones like the indominus Rex in order to be useful every several months in an advantage tournament, but it seems to me little incentive to play besides that if you spend coins in them you will not be able to evolve the “good” team if there is an occasion.

Every week I tell myself to quit the game, but I feel sorry, I always hope that the next version will be the good one, the one that will give me back the illusion, but it never happens …


Will be interested to see the answers to this as I’m in a similar position. I mainly want to complete the dinodex, but down to Mammolania and Testacornibus. Both rely on FIPping more than catching/hatching so no point playing other than to get cash.

I could look to improve my team, but everything is determined by boosts more than level. I struggle to see the point or wading through the arena, particularly at the start of a new monthly reward.

As it stands I do the strikes in range, and occasionally do a giga scent and hope the new tortoise or deer turns up.

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Take a break and come back 2-3 patches later and the game will feel “new”.
I dont have all my uniques at 30 only 28 for now, but i have the same sad feeling.
Most spawns i have so much dna its crazy and the few good once like carbo, bracci, diplo, mommoth are so rare or even illusive its not even fun.

Hunting is not my focus for this game.
Arena was and will always be the main part for me. But then again, after reching 4.500 there os no reason to keep going up…
No difference between 4000-7000 trophies.
Same incubators, DNA and the monthly arena rewards are a joke anyway (titano and allo g2 are the first good once for me), most of the offerd reward the last year were 100% useless anyway.

I hope Ludia does something we can do after reaching the end.

I love this game and i still like Ludia.
We get cool new things to do every update (alliance tournament woohoo), but i hope arena get a change so it is worth fighting for the top 100.

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In your case, at least you like the fighting part of the game. In my case the main part was always hunting. More than 80% of the time I have always spent hunting, the fight was always secondary. Before the Boosts I used to be in the Top300 or so, now I’m always in the Top500 or Top600 but that motivates me little. I like the news that Ludia is incorporating (alliances, tournaments, now alliance tournaments, …). All of that is fine, but all of that for me is a secondary part of the game. The main part is hunting and without it the game makes little sense.

If I wanted to improve my team a year ago, I could do two things: hunt a lot and fight a lot, that is, play a lot.

Now the way I have to improve is

  1. Buy boosts (the great way to upgrade)
  2. weekly events
  3. Enter the santuarys to interact (repetitive task without any fun)
  4. Ask for DNA in the alliance
  5. fight in a tournament (as long as it is not a nauseating tournament like the one in 10 days).

Increasingly new but increasingly remote from the true meaning of the game.

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Prepare for the eventuality that the level 30 caps will be removed.

Well, actually what I have always prepared for is the “superuniques” formed from the combination of two creatures level 26 and with a cost of 50 for uniques, 200 for legendary ones, 500 for epics and 2000 for rare … I have been waiting for them since autumn and I am sure that they will appear at some point and I would like to get to see them …

Based off the title.

I just make new personal goals I’m trying to get all my super hybrid legendary creatures to 25. I’ve fused them ready and just have to spend the coins but I don’t want to yet lol. I still need to get the Bajadasaurus hybrid to 25 ready and I don’t want to waste my mono on monostegotops just yet. Pics from a week or so ago.

Also decided to use my boost on my REAL dinosaurs. No hybrids and no Cenozoic things.

Hopefully this will help in tournaments since apparently we are going to be forced to play that for good rewards which I’m not thrilled to have to do regular battles for incubators then this stupid tournament to “contribute”


I just go into maintenance mode.
Daily Spins, Daily Missions, Strikes, Ads, incubators.
After that I come home pop a Giga and watch House M.D.
I remain motivated by finding other hobbies to fill in the time.

It is all about setting yourself a current goal. For about a year now I have set myself the task of collecting every actual prehistoric creature and level them to 20th. I’m almost there with just the more recent additions needing some work.

Maybe it is about working to get to the next Arena level or to reach a set number of trophies. With JWA the basics are there but you need to set your own goals to keep you going on a personal level. Work out what you enjoy and go for that.

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The Giga scent can spawn the rare turtle and woolly rhinos so that’s nice. But basically if you have no more use for any DNA you get then it sounds like you’ve won the game! :trophy:

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the rare turtle and the epic rhino are not useless … they are not useful now but they may be so in the future so it is one of the few things that makes sense to hunt for me but the reality is that I have not seen any epic rhino at Despite always having the game open while working at home and opening 3 capsules of 3 hours each day. In the same period I have seen about 20 sinoceratops, 15 Trex or 30 Baryionix to give some examples. Rare turtles saw some the first few days, now I see one every two days or so. I also mentioned that there are some more huntable things that currently do not serve anything at all but that may be useful in the future. . The new epic deer that I see one every 10 days approximately and the wild boars on Sunday, one every Sunday approximately.

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i set myself a short term goal for the arena season. usually split up into 2 subsections.
Make it to X arena, beat my previous high score, repeat until season is over.
I also set a long term goal. Right now it is completing the dino dex. 3 left to go. After that it will probably be leveling certain creatures to a specified level until the dex is incomplete again.

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Making all exclusives global would help the game for sure. There should be also a very low chance of a legendary or unique spawn.
These two things would encourage us to go hunting. Imagine the thrill when seeing a wild Lania or Gemini

i think i would faint. my hands would be shaking too much to dart properly.

We can all try to find a goal. I have already mentioned one, upload epic or rare so that every two or three months I had an advantage in a tournament, hunt to donate (which is what I do) or evolve the dinos that start with a vowel or those that end in “S”. … but wouldn’t it be more logical for Ludia to provide new dinos to hunt that would serve to evolve new dinos that we could incorporate into our teams? New uniques without the need for non-hunting DNA?

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Absolutely and I fully expected more to be added over the next few years. It’s what we do between those updates that keeps us going.

I have to admit I feel you, but for a different reason.

For me, I’m putting collecting first, battling second. But the problem I face is that now I’m down to almost entirely epic DNA for fusing. Epic DNA can’t be obtained through the alliance, and spawns far too rarely. When I do see an epic, 80% of the time it’s one I don’t need. Similarly with incubators, I’m constantly getting garbage from them. It’s a lot of effort to enter the unbalanced arena, and for what? A handful of Alanqa DNA.
Then there are the exclusives, which means I have to dedicate my FIPs to certain creatures only. Which cuts me off in a way from the point of sanctuaries - to help you get exact DNA.

I’ve been considering setting myself a little side goal, like others. I want to get Erlikogamma to level 30. I’m a long way off, but I’m near a 250 fuse that might be useful in advantage tournaments at least.

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You are about to get to my situation. You open an epic incubator with the hope that something useful will come out but it won’t. Someday something useful may come out. In my case it is worse because nothing useful can come out directly. I thought that they could come out and did not come out, but the other day I looked at the possible creatures that can come out and cannot come turtles, nor boars, nor deer, nor of course the exclusive ones …

I got very, very lucky and got the epic deer the day after it released in a 24 hour incubator. It was the first time in ages I felt genuinely happy to receive something. Last time I opened a 24 hour incubator I got about 300 Alanqa (I hate that thing so much). Like you, I expected a hybrid and it’s all I keep getting.

At this stage I wish they’d either remove them and release them into the wild or, even better - periodically replace them with the existing sanctuary exclusives.

My team isn’t completely leveled to 30’s yet, but I’ve stopped leveling and boosting them anyway. I just don’t feel the need to climb any higher in arenas from depot. To keep motivated, I’ve chosen to focus more on leveling and boosting some rare and epic standard dinos to help my alliance a little in sanctuaries and maybe get an edge on some weekend “advantage” tournaments. They are much more fun to me than the arena anyway.

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