How do you get the new dinosaurs?


I’m in arena 6 where it’s debatable whether you are playing CPU or real players, but I always run into level 22 baryonyx, spinosaurus gen 2, many new hybrids, etc. However I have never seen one on the map or even gotten 1 DNA from an incubator (aside from the arena exclusive dinosaurs).

So if they are real teams, people are getting them by the hundreds/thousands.

Wondering if this is the same for everyone?


Never seen them before… is there any way you can see if you are playing against a bot or a real human?


You can tell from the level of your opponent team, if they have special dino like baryonyx you can be sure it’s a bot since we can’t get them at the moment. If you have a doubt, you can check the ladder if the player is ranked you will see its nickname


Anyone with level 20+ in arena 6 is a bot. Can’t get legendaries unless you’re extremely lucky, play entire days or straight up pay for incubators, let alone level 20+ legendaries.

Top 100 is filled with various players who own a legendary. I have the spino gen 2 from an epic incubator. Only seen regular spino in the wild, not the epic one. Every dinosaur is obtainable; just requires quite some time. Especially legendaries.

Concentrate on what matters: upgrade your common / rare team to 20 for ‘easy’ battles in arena. Next up are epics, which can take quite some time. Legendaries are way out unless… Read first paragraph haha. I’ve been playing since beta started - minimum 2h a day, almost got my first epic to level 15, maybe 2 are also level 14 but all others are 13 or less.

If you really want loads of new creatures find carnivore regions. Herbivore regions (mostly rural areas) have 0 new dinosaurs; okay beside the new common crocodile. I saw certain new dinosaurs in carnivore regions (more busy areas; city,…) but even then im highly convinced loads of them are still locked in the incubators.


Not every dinosaur is obtainable. For example you can fight Baryonyx in arena but it seems you can’t have one (incubator or wild spawn)


I can’t fully agree as i did not receive the spino from anything else but a bought incubator (level up reward i believe)… So maybe for now they are locked behind a paywall.

Also; new event announcement might spawn these rare dinosaurs instead of wild spawns. I thought i had seen it all but im seeing all kinds of epics in the wild, new ones every week! So maybe they do spawn in the wild, just not found one yet.

Im also fairly sure you’ll need the baryonyx for this guy; so far still greyed out:


You’re very helpful Thanks! Any idea is we can trade/swap Dino’s with other players?


This is great to know! I live in an area mostly infested with carnivores, so I was really confused as to how some people had a decent-level Apatosaurus or Triceratops when I haven’t seen either at all.

For probably the same reason that I mentioned before, I have encountered a wild Spinosaurus or two, and seen 2-3 others since the game launched, but were too far away.


Can’t trade (yet?). It has been suggested in the form of ‘guilds’, not just trading with anybody. So perhaps the feature will be introduced sooner or later.

Yes my area (herbivore, rural) spawns loads of triceratops, for example. My stegocera is nearly 18 its actually pretty ridiculous some days. Im still not sure where the apatosaurus is since i also can’t find this one in rural areas? Pretty strange since it eats tree leaves so i would imagine it being in rural areas. Just checking out different areas will help out a lot by finding various types of dinosaurs; so far there are 3 regions: herbivore (rural), carnivore (city-ish; more busy) and just night time (raptors, majung,…).

&Yes but i mean the epic spinosaurus gen 2 one seems to be ‘locked’ in incubators so far. I found 2 rare spinos and caught them in the big city over here; so the spinotahraptor is still a very decent choice! So far i still have 13 dinosaur gaps in my collection… Hopefully those wil pop up sooner or later!


Hate to burst the bubble, but I live in Lemoyne, PA USA and an appatasaurs was in my neighbors back yard eating a tree. I live next to the river, so lots of carnivores, Crocs mostly. Guessing its time of day too raptors are only seen in early morning and evening right next to the river.


I can confirm that the spinosur gen2 appears in nature on the first day that I played on buses and I saw one on the road but I only got 10 DNA. I live in South America forgive my google english