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How do you hatch?

I’m currently thinking what’s the best way to manage my growing amount of dino’s in the market place.

Right now, I typically save all my db’s and then on the 20% hatching discount go nuts smashing out as many as I can in the free hatchery position while the remaining 3 usually have a week long creature.

Should I continue to use this strategy or mix it up and throw all but week long hatch time creatures in, getting through more hatching’s in a week then on the 20% discount day speed up my week long hatches. This could in theory give me more dino’s in my park each week but might cost more db’s over the course of the week (hatchery slot cost).

How do you hatch?

Start with the commons, rares and super rares. Burn through them then work on the longer ones.

My usual approach is to do just what you said in the free spot during the week. On the 20% discount I then fast track regular legendries in the free spot while once a week I do the 7 day hatches in the remaining 3 slots.

I’m just checking there isnt a smarter strategy out there that gives me dino’s quicker than I current do

First get priorities in your game, what will you try to hatch? What new Dinos you want? And other priorities.

Once you know them you can trade the ones you won’t need in custom trades or if you have a nice offer you can trade it for dna and then build what you want, and it will be easier to trade the ones you don’t want and hatch the ones you do and by that having more dna. Start with the lower time ones and left the longer ones that you don’t urgently need by the end

Rare and lower get insta hatched for me. Super Rare and above either gets placed in a hatchery pod when one is free or it sits in the market and the first trade offer that is given is excepted. Typically the last three hatchery pods are running a 7 day hatch either until a DNA discount window to put more tournament hybrids in or a hatchery discount window has opened and I am clearing space to put DNA fodder in.

This is a clean market strategy for me. The offers I get for DB out weighs the cost of the speeding up.

I’m glad somebody started this thread as I was about to do the same. Finally burnt through all my commons, rares and SRs and now trying to figure out what i should clear next? Do I clear my 40 odd tournament legendaries over the next month so that I stop getting junk trade offers for them. OR. Do I slowly try to clear out the 250 odd legendaries? Or are the legendaries better for trade fodder? I’ve got 20 copies of some and I image I could bulk custom trade for a reasonable amount of LPs.

On the legendaries. Do people generally have one maxed and a spare in case of hybrid…or are people maxing out parks with legendaries for coin production? That seems like a very slow process for me.


You cant bulk trade legendary. It 2 for $100 dB. I use the aquatic legendarys for custom trades In trade harbor. Here is my trade for today. I always trade for lp as $50db is nothing.

I hatched off all my rare and below. Still working on super rares. I pick whatever category has the fewest dinos and clear it out When there is a discount. After prize drop, and I have a few thousand dB to waste, I Speed up and hatch some off.

I say dont be afraid of keeping those dinos in your market. Yeah, you set some lame trades, but occasionally you get $300 dB for a super rare. Unlike most players, I have over 1000 dinos in my market. So hatching them will take years! Generally any trade offer I see, I take. It’s just 1 less dino to hatch.

I would say look at what you need to create the hybrids. Concentrate on hatching those. The others, I just hatch a few. Some are at level 40. When I was using them in the first year of playing. But today, the dinos I use are almost all vips, hybrids and super hybrids.

But that’s just how I play. Others hatch off nearly every dino they get. I just play too much pvp so that’s not practical for me. I suggest not burning thru dino cash to speed up hatching unless you have to.