How do you imagine moves?

I’ve been wanting to make this thread for a while and I wanted to get others opinions on this. So I’ve been trying to give every move a backstory/action. This basically means I’ve been imagining what moves would look like/do irl. I’ll cover the obvious ones first

Stunning: temporarily immobilizes a creature due to a ram or strike which stunned it. An example of this would be a Ceratosapian or a Hadrosaur ramming an opponent

Adreniline Surge/Regeneration: a surge of Adreniline pulsing through a creatures veins, giving it a new burst of life and energy

Lockdown: a creature using an appendage or jaw to immoblise a creature and keep it steady. An example of this would be a Crocodilian using it’s jaw to hold down an opponent or a Pterosaur lifting up an opponent/grabbing onto an opponent

Strike/Impact/Rampage: a creature simply attacking

Cloak: self explanatory

Now onto the more, unusual/specific ones

Decelerating Strike, Impact or Rampage/Thagomizer: a creature injuring an opponents legs, causing it to move slower. In the case of Sauropods/Ceratosapians, this involves stomping. In the case of Stegosaurs, it’s a wound from their spikes. In the case of Patchy, it’s a headbutt. All of this also applies to superiority strike

Distraction/Nullifying: I imagine both of these working in a similar manner. A creature releases a roar or cry which disorientates an opponent, causing them to lose their focus and this lower the damage/eliminate their buff concentration.

Evasive: a creature which is light on its feet had the ability to dodge most attacks, although their still get scraped up in their escape, accounting for the lack of a full dodge.

— and run: a creature rams into an opponent to slow them down before making a dashing escape. By ramming their opponent, it gives them a headstart as their opponent must recover before responding.

Bleed: (this is a personal favourite) a creature which has incredibly sharp teeth or claws can use a mix of its intelligence and these weapons to find critical veins on an opponent and slice them open. This also explains how creatures with heavy armour can be bled: the bleeder knows where the weakpoints in the armour are

Critical Strikes/attack buffs: these moves give a creature a sudden burst of Adreniline and allowed them to do more damage

Shields: this move allowed creatures to use more armoured or durable parts of their bodies to deflect blows. Examples of this would be crests, armour, spikes and plates

Defends Shattering/Armour-piercing: similar to bleed, these moves allow creatures to strike an opponent in places where their skin is exposed, thus ignoring their armour. This also applies for shield advantage.

Instant damage: with a quick burst of speed, a creature can dash forward and strike an opponent before they know what’s happening. this sometimes even stuns the opponent.

Minimal Speedup Strike: similar to attack and critical buffs, this allowed a creature to gain sudden bursts of speed and outspeed an opponent.

Immune: a creature with this has not only a powerful immune system, but also has an incredibly sharp focus and strong veins. This means that it cannot be bled as nothing can pierce them

Cleansing: similar to immunity, creatures with cleansing abilities can enducea sharp state of focus and recover quickly from bleeding

If anyone has different ideas/additions, let me know!


I think crits are just when the creature hits something vital.


I think distraction includes some dinos, like the dilosophorus, spitting fluids on the opp dino to cause temporary confusion. Like in the jurassic Park scene where the fat guy was attacked by one.


Imo this description is more apt for vulnerability strike.

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thagomizer: a huge swing of a clubbed tail that clobbers the dino and makes it forget its their turn. causes memory loss or amnesia :joy:


I always imagine swap in rampage as offscreen Thor picking up the rat and throwing it at the opponent.