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How Do You In Particular Fuse Your Dino's?

  • Fuse as soon as I get enough DNA
  • Save and Do a Mass Fuse using all my saved DNA
  • Save and Do a Mass Fuse saving DNA for Later
  • Save and Just Fuse Here and There -Always leaving a stockpile
  • It’s My Secret - I’m Not Sharing
  • Combo of All the Ways Listed Above - It Doesn’t Really Matter
  • Ludia Just Needs to Create a Mass Fuse Button!!!

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I personally continuously have a stockpile of DNA for what I am able to keep… for uniques and such… I find it hard to be able to keep a lot on hand since as soon as I have enough… I want to fuse whether it is only 1 fuse or multiple…

Just interested in how others do it…