How do you keep off-tilt?


Been battling for over TWO WHOLE HOURS to get a single incubator.

I’ve now dropped several hundred trophies due to a fairly even mix of critical hits, stun chains, and inaccuracy in both speed priority AND damage calculations.

If I lived in the states, my unforgivably violent anger would result in actions so explicit and convoluted that capital punishment would be considered getting off easy.

Irrational, heat-of-the-moment thinking aside with me calmed down now, how do all of you manage yourselves with loss streaks?

I don’t like it when Mr. Hyde comes to play and as someone with a lot of stress and anxiety issues, a simple game has no justification of any measure to get me even MORE wound up.


In the end you have to remember, it’s just a game. And getting hacked off about it doesn’t help. You just have to realize that it’s all down to random luck. You hit a losing streak, yes. But you’ll eventually turn the tide and go back to winning.

Don’t freak out. Don’t take a loss personally. It’s just a game.


I have stress/anxiety issues as well, but I know what to expect in the arena. Knowing this, I can go in, fight battles (win or lose, it’s all the same to me) and remain calm about it.

Although, there have been moments where my rage at cheaters before the update blinded me. This will happen, there’s no getting around it. But you have to keep buggering on, despite all the seeming unfairness of the game at times.


The same happened to me on yesterday. For the first time since I’ve started to play this game I lost like 200-250 trophies (8-9 game lost in a row more or less). It was very frustrating!


Maybe it’s because normally I’m very non-aggressive anyway, maybe it’s because I’m not competitive at all. I don’t really care about what rank I am, or how many trophies I win or lose.

I just play because it’s fun.


Learn to play for the fun in playing. Don’t worry so much about your ranking, or trophies. That’s where the majority of the stress comes from, really.


I am really not an angry person at all and even I can find myself getting really annoyed when I lose continuously :sweat_smile:


It happens. Just do a Churchill, and Keep Buggering On. There will always be obstacles in your path. Accepting this fact is key to remaining calm. Obstacles can be overcome once met, but sometimes it takes awhile, and you start to get to where you could chew your own foot off from the frustration.

But that’s all just a part of the fun. The challenge of overcoming adversity. Nevermind the game rewards - the achievement you feel after squeaking through seemingly impossible odds to come out on top is reward in itself.


I read the forum and the pleasant happy common sense cheers my day up. :heart_eyes:


I actually prefer the threads where I’m not yelling or tempted to put trolls in their place. I had to come to the realisation that by doing that, I was making myself into the same sort of sorry excuse for a person as they are.

I’m by no means perfect, and I do eventually come around full circle when I screw up by letting my anger take control.


I get pretty mad sometimes when i go on a losing streak. Sometimes 5 or 6 matches in a row. I just keep battling though because i know sometimes people just get lucky and i figure that if i lose a bunch in a row, I’m bound to have a winning streak to take me back up. I’ll only go so low before my team is unfair to my opponents.


Before Tournament, whenever I have a losing streak I just convince myself that I’m doing it for the incubator. It doesn’t always work but it keeps me in denial for a little longer. I try very hard to not get bothered by this because I know once I do, I will get incredibly cut-throat competitive and what little enjoyment I have of the game will fly right out the window :joy: after all, collecting is more important for me, and I would rather be competitive about things that matter more

After Tournament started, I just sit out battling completely even though it means losing out on free dna. However, I convince myself that the dna from incubators will most likely be useless anyway :rofl: I spent my time darting dinos, but I have noticed a decrease in epic spawns since the intro of scent capsules and with epic capsules glitching, I may just take a long break altogether


If I lose more than 3 in a row, I just stop battling for a while.