How do you keep up with stego dna demand?


Between stegodeus and stegoceratops I never have enough. I drive around a few times a week rare and epic hunting, but I’m wondering if I need to do this for stegos too.

How do you keep up with the demand?


Stegs are like rats in my neighborhood so I always have 1000s extra DNA. Find a place where they spawn frequently and go there often


Stego is the most common in my area second to Apato. I’m just building my Stego dna up until I get more Trike and Nodosaurus dna.


I have both Stegodeus and Stegoceratops at lvl 21. DNA is in my area with no special effort. Coins more of a worry.


I am very lucky guy. Near my house alwys are like 3-4 stegos so i can handle it. My problem is Parasaurolophus :frowning:


So the answer for me is to move :joy:


^this. i just paid 90,000 to get stegodeus from level 24 to 25. no point in hunting it like crazy unless you’ve got the coins to level it up.


Yep :slight_smile: 20chars


Personnally I tend to dart every dino no matter how useful they are. Of course when I have to choose I pick first the epics then rares I need then I do the same for commons. That’s why I’m sitting right now with 43k stego DNA ready when I will decide to level up my stegodeus even more :grin:


Thats my “problem” with common tricera too. Hoping a DNA Trading Center or DNA changer or something like that hahaha (plz ludia :heart_eyes:)