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How do you know if a dragon is hybrid?

As above, not sure how to tell as seen in other topics these are the strongest dragons?

First of all - visual, they’ll have a weird hybrid look.
Secondly - name. If you are familiar with the movie, you should recognize the basic names, and “Abomibumble” is not one of them, for example.
Finally - the extra effect on their ability.
1* dragons will have 2 effects on their ability, 2* are the same, 3* hybrids will have 3 effects, just like standard 4*-5* dragons, that’s why 3* hybrids are basically the best you can realistically get.

I assume you have a Breedery already, so if you breed 2 distinctly different species and you get more than 2-3 possible results - that means you are getting a chance of 1-4* hybrids in addition to the standard species.

Ideally you should have a team with all 3 effects on each of their ability for the total of 15. When properly combined, like 2-3 mass heals, one continuous mass heal, counterattack\damage reduction for your dragons, and -accuracy for the enemies, if not ability locks and -damage done - you can really fight things far above your power level.

In turn, if your team is rag-tag and you meet a story node with hybrids, you can be 200 power level above and still be rekt, just because one or two mismanaged enemy casts will wipe you.