How do you know what zone you’re in?


I was wondering how to identify what zone you are in and what dinosaurs/creatures are likely to spawn in them. I’ve been playing since last June and I’ve seen the Dino’s come and go or migrate but I’ve yet to find a list or map or something to help narrow it down. Thanks for any help.

maybe this thread will help you out :wink:

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Just tell us what common dinos you see everywhere and someone will tell you. But you should read that article posted above anyway

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Check out this link…


Thanks I’m going to check those links out.

I’ve shot enough suchomimus for a lifetime. I just recently started to see iguanadon again. I’m shooting apatosaurus and para.

Sucho is zone 4. Iguanadon is currently global because it has an event going on right now.

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Para is also zone 4. So thats where ur at right now

Your probably in Zone 4 then

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Thanks. How often do these change?

Never, unfortunately. -__- They make minor adjustments here and there, but the primary dinos don’t seem to change. Ever. Sincerely, resident and employee in L4.

Commons found:
Majungasaurus: L1
Dracorex G2/Einiasaurus: L2
Diplocaulus/Triceratops G2: L3
Suchomimus/Parasaurolophus: L4

Forgot deino for zone 1 lol

thank you, this was very helpful and useful.

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