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How do you know when you are fighting Bot?

I just had four games in a row against same Player—Kaadyn was name.

Each game he had the same team – and did the same moves. Albiet in different order.
Granted, people have certain tactics…but same team FOUR games in row???

Advance Tommus - Taunt/CA – Dang Flamining Sword
Fariden - Immobile
Calliope – Dominate
Advance Halbenet
Shevarith - Disingrate (?) One shot kill

Bot name are always an adjective and a noun of a creature

Like ProudOrc.

Base on the name it was a player you faced

What Akron said… angryelf, surprisedllama, curiousrat, all of these would most likely be bots.

If you are high enough in the rankings, you can also check to see if anyone by their name is within that trophy range on the Leaderboards. If not it was almost certainly a bot. This only works after the fact, but provides a fairly convincing means of verification.