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How do you like a immune sauropod?


If at all, how do you suggest its kits will be?:thinking:

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Secodontosaurus + Irritator + Brachiosaurus

Armor Piercing Rampage
Distracting Strike
Instant Distraction
Ready To Crush

This is terrible, but I wanted first comment, so here.

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Honestly rtc on a lower attack high health tank would be intresting… armor piercing rampage should just be regular rampage… stegod already proved apr on a tank is a bad idea.


Dsr + Dsr + Tank = Apr


Brachiocodon (Legendary)
Ankylocodon + Brachiosaurus

Superiority Strike
Armor Piercing Impact
Decelerating Rampage

30% Armor, 30% Crit Chance, Immunity, Whatever stats lol


I like that idea, but if we can tweak it better, should distracting strike be as a base move? How about its parents’ base move DS strike, that will let it stand up against other tanks.
RTC will be fun, align with DS strike and immunity, literally allow it hold off fast hitters with debuff ability. And sacrifice a turn can prevent it from being too op.
APR may be a little of too much. @Evicton is on point, especially on top of large health pool and immunity, it will take less than one patch long to get nerfed. I suggest here you can place distracting strike, guarantee it can survive a bit longer.

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Swap bellow for short shield and id be more intrested. Not a fan of bellow


That will get nerfed the first day it comes out😳
30% armor+bellow+APR/DR+immunity. Unless attack is low(lowest being 700 in current patch), there won’t be anywhere to make a balancing nerf since a very typical characteristic of sauropod is large health.

Emmm but if attack is that low, may actually be another good design.

But since it’s immune, I do think giving it SS on top of bellow and DR is redundant. How does pinning strike sound?


Lol yeah just realized that so swap out ss for pinning strike, maybe take armor down to 25% but otherwise it would have mediocre attack yeah

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Logically the big sauropods followed an evolutionary strategy of get too big to kill… With that in mind…

A big heavy armored longneck with immunity and just under trex level damage wouldn’t be bad.

Maybe resurrect ultrasaurus from the 80s. Make it big hitting immune high damage and slooooow

Make its attacks look like braciosaurus with rampage and a tail slap like thagomizer. Give it stomp rampage x2 damage. And a stun charge 1.5 damage 75% stun. And cool downs of 1 turn and 2 turns respective with bellow as its regular 1x damage shield 1 turn.

Make it a common and hard to obtain. So that you have to really work on leveling it.

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I actually like this idea a lot, only thing I’d probably change is that if it’s gonna have that much armor it’d probably need to be brought down to 20% crit

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Seems a shame to downgrade Brachi’s crit though. Maybe 25%? Make it the first? Since it would be made with 2 dinos that have above average crit.


I think if they kept the armor around 20% they could justify a 30% crit, it would just seem insane for a straight up tank dishing out so many crits


I like this talk.
I think that Brachionator could be based around DS and other distraction moves.
Actually, he sounds good as he is.
A different moveset from Secodonto and Irritator, and the Brachio!