How do you like to use Monostegotops

I’m genuinely interested to hear the community’s thoughts and how they like to use their Monostegotops. I find use of it to be rather awkward so I’m curious, how do y’all make the best of your Monostegotops?

He counters Indominus.

I use it as an opener or a sweeper if it’s in my lineup. Opener to combat the Indo/Dilorach/etc openers. Sweeper to deal with those same creatures kept in the back. It also trades with Spinotahsuchus.

First you need to lvl it up to make most of it. Same lvl Indominus can beat Monostego in two hits if Monostego don’t crit.

It’s a good counter to Indoraptor, but can be oneshoted if Indo crits on DSR.

It’s really useful in arena now, but weak to bleeders.

I am at 4.1xx average trophies, I use Monostegotopo as opener if I have also Tanycolagreo on my line up cause she can nullify as well but she is faster to clean half dead dinos in the middle of the battle.

When I open with anything else and I am facing an Indominus I usually switch to Monostegotopo cause 99% of the time Indominus doesn’t attack but uses cloak so that I don’t take any hit on Monostegotopo and I am ready to nullify the 4x attack.

Saidly my Monostegotopo is lev 17 so I am not able to use her at 100% of her potential.

4900 trophies, monosteg at level 21 and I took it out. Monomimus is winning me many more

What level monomimo?

23 mimus but even at 22 was doing much much better

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I use mine to counter Indom and indo and sometimes if I have artillery support(drac g2)
I use him to lower opponents HP to drac g2 killshot range regardless of if bad match-up i.e. higher lvl indom or bleeder etc

He’s great b/c he can counter anything but terrible b/c he isn’t immune. You could say it’s a love/hate kind of thing!

Probably the best indoraptor counter. So i almost never open with him.

Never used as an opener because is one of the best indo counter with the stun buff now, great also for countering dilorach/dilorano…but now benched it for tuoramoloch: similar moveset but tuora runs and could be used as an opener versus all the spintoasuchus leads. Does quite well against indo too.
Returning to monostego i don’t like to use it as an opener because is a very versatile dino that can be used in different ways during the course of the match in base of what you need

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