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How do you (plan to) boost lux?

Just wondering, for people who will use lux in their team, how are you planning to (max) boost your lux when it hits 30?


i’m going for bulk. Don’t particularly have to be fast against tryko, thor, etc. speed may help with matches against Mortem and the towers, but it doesn’t necessarily need to outright beat them if the swap meta stays around.


I am running 14/14/0 at the moment and it works well.

13/13/0 atm for a lv 27. its good. could have a bit more power behind it, but it is time for me to start trying to even out my team a bit boost wise. so she’ll have to wait.

12/15/3 to win mirror matches.

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15/15/0 or 14/15/1 so I can get a head start against any unboosted speed Lux.


I’d rather she be faster than the Towers, many of which that I’ve been running into have about 118 or higher speed.

I would do 12/17/1

This is what I’m planning to do with lux after the booat shuffle . Of course hes not lv 30 yet but its what id like to do

Probably 12/18/0 to start, then adjust speed to win 50%+ and avoid speed wars.
I will take the speed slots from Attack.

At this moment, at level 26, I have my Lux at 10/11/5. Don’t know how to distribute the last 4 when I get to 30 tho. Do I split it down “evenly” with 12/13/5, or do I just give the rest into either health or attack?

I am going to do this distribution

what’s the point of speed boosts, as it slowest everything down anyway. Plus it needs damage for the counter attacks and higher healing, and hp to survive more turns. Even if your versing something faster, immune to slow I prefer matchups where you are slower with lux

If it’s immune to speed decrease, then it will have the upperhand

ah ok got it

in the end probably 12/12/6
too many quick Geminititans and Maximas

Me? I’m wondering who are the people who would not use Lux after a boost reset :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: It will be in every teams for sure (unless somebody never made the raids).

Why wouldn’t I use? Its an apex tyrant

That’s the thing, I don’t think anybody would be fool enough not to use it after a boost reset. Same goes for many tyrant dinos, totally killing diversity… I just found it funny, the: “for people who will use Lux in their team” Who wouldn’t!

and would you go for a speedy build or a tanky build?