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How do you play JWA?


When I first started I:
-Hunted 8-10 hours a day
-battled non-stop
-battled solely to WIN
Now I:
-hunt on the way to/from work only
-Battle once a day, if that
-I will literally just press buttons to end the match ASAP, win or lose
I have my days where I feel like hunting/battling for real. Most of the time, though, nothing matters like it used to.
How about you?


When I first started I would:

• play for about 8-ish hours, maybe 9.
• goto my local park atleast twice a day, rain or shine.
• ride public transportation for no real reason.
• have the app always open.
• complete every strike tower.

Now I:

• Play for about 5-ish hours, maybe 4.
• Haven’t went to my local park in atleast 3 months
• I still ride public transportation, but I rarely play when I’m riding.
• The app is still open for the most part.
• only complete the rare & epic strike towers.

As much as I love the game, it’s starting to get a little stale. 1.6 better hurry up and drop already.


I still play it like from the start; very sporadically. The only thing constant is that I battle quite a bit every day.

Sometimes I just open up the app and dart dinos from home. Nothing else.
Usually I do events and strike towers.
Almost always dart dinos while going from A to B and not in absolute hurry.
If I really am in the mood, I go dino hunting for the sake of dino hunting.
Quite frequently I make necessary shop trips and such a little bit longer if I see good spawns.


I play while my wife is at work. When I’m on transit (up to 4 hours a day) when I’m waiting for boss to pick me up (on non transit days) I battle enough to keep incubators rolling or to fill the time.

I do strike towers that are convenient but I don’t go out of my way any more .

Some days I don’t play I just watch movies. Other times I read a book.

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I used to play almost every waking hour in the beginning, as my life at the time allowed for it 10-12 hours a day. Now I go out a couple times a day, before work, maybe a quick stroll on break, then evening/night maybe 5 hours all together? I always ride my bike, although I will drive to various parks or different areas of town, then unload the bike and cruise around.

Battle as often as I can or want… usually a bunch before my morning excursion to get the 10 opponent incubator, then a bunch before o go to sleep. Mostly for coins really…

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