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How Do You Prefer to Stat Boost?

I know that, ultimately, what creature’s stats I should boost depends a lot on the specifics of my teams and playstyle, but I’m hoping you can give me some general guidelines and principles. Here are a few questions along those lines:

Do you find it works better to boost something already high, to snowball it, or something that is weak, to shore it up?
For example, does it work better to spend health points on something that already has a lot of health, like Sarcorixis and Brachiosaurus, so they’re just that much more unstoppable? Or to give health to a glass cannon like the various named velociraptors like Blue?
Or maybe a combination critter, like Procerathomimus, which has low health but is hard to damage. That way it’s a high percentage, but also is amplified by the dodge and distraction.

Similarly, I’m tempted to give a speed boost to something relatively slow, like my Sarcorixis or Stegoceratops, but maybe instead I should boost speed on my Procerathomimus to make it unstoppable, or Indominus Rex Gen 2 so I can use Mutual Fury against faster enemies.

What sounds best to you?

  1. Enhance the Weak
  2. Snowball the Strong
  3. Exploit Amplification (health to one with armor or dodge, speed someone with Mutual Fury or speed reduction)

Similarly, is it generally smarter to pile all my boosts on one critter, making him my super-carry, or spread it out so the individual benefit is slight, but the whole team benefits?

Like I feel my Sarcorixis or Procerathomimus would be a beast(*) if I spent all my points on one of them…but then all my eggs are in one basket, if I don’t draw him or my enemy counters him, I’m out of luck, Then again, maybe it’s worth those few total fails, because I’d win more overall.

(*) Pun intended

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Don’t know what level you’re at, so I can only tell you from my experience putting all of your boosts in one or two dinos will not get you very far. In Library I often went up against someone that chose one dino to make into a monster. Did not appear to work for them. May take you longer, but I think constructing a balanced team is a better way to go. Just my opinion though.

I boost what i want on my endgame team regardless if it is tyrant or not. From there, it really depends on the dino. Some should amplify strengths while others i feel need something to round them out for where i want them.
i have 3 boosted dinos. (not done yet. just too many things to make and try out before i decide.)
Tryko: 10-9-1. It’s a chompy tank and a decent erlidom counter. Bump the health against erlidom’s attack.
Smilon: just +3 speed. it benefits from being faster. (really plays mind games with proceraths here)
Alloraptor: 5-8-6 (5-9-6 when i level her again). Higher damage and a bit more health combined with her distracting moves helps her survive against counter attack tanks like tryko and dio. and her higher speed puts her ahead of some of the lower boosted speedsters allowing her to at least get off a pounce before death.

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Do you have any opinion on boosting high stats to snowball them, vs boosting low stats to improve them?

I was thinking about the idea that I may need to only make the smallest tweak to really help someone, like how so many dinos are still slightly too fast for my Indominus Rex G2 to use Mutual Fury. So maybe just a few points would make the difference. And since I run into so many Procerathomimids, if I added even one point to mine I’d be able to win all of those mirror matches.

That’s sorta what you’re going for with the Smilodon, right?

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Thats pretty much what i was going for. Figuring out how to boost my dinos effectively with less is challenging and fun. It’s not always speed that wins a mirror match tho. take tryko v tryko for example. The slower one can win due to their instant distract sticking around longer.

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My goodness make a video of this allorap! :slight_smile:

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That’s always a tricky question.

I works a lot on developing leaders for companies. Strangely enough there are similarities…

Popular opinion used to be that you found your weakness and worked on it. Over the last few years that opinion has changed, however, and now many think that you rely more on your strengths and continue to build those.

I tend to agree with @Qiew. With Tryko there is little point in boosting speed. In fact, it can sometimes work against you. His strength is health - tank. I would enhance that and perhaps attack.

On the other hand. Spyx big weakness is health. If I were going to heavily spend on boosts, I would put them into its health.

So for me anyway, it’s a case, by case basis. Some dinos are so slow that speeding them up is too costly. Spend it on health and attack instead. Some, like Spyx, have such a huge weakness that if you plan to play it you will need to shore up its weaknesses.

Not sure, does that all make sense?

As soon as i can get a recording app i’ll do just that. Any recommendations?

Azrecorder if you don’t have the android game booster.

Yep. I don’t have many points yet, though, and shudder to think of experimenting with them and finding out I chose wrong.

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Here’s how I like to do it. When I’m testing a critter, I notice where it almost measured up to the competition & won a fight. For example, about 3 battles in a row my opponent had a dino survive my Maxima’s attack by under 100 hit points. Very close. Then I would decide to boost attack. I don’t for Maxima though, because I’ll level her soon anyway and my boosts still weren’t enough to make the desired difference. I just play and then, when I notice someone’s stat is consistently shy of doing the job and I would’ve won those fights I’d given it the boosts I have, then I hand over my boosts.

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That’s great advice! I’m definitely going to do that.

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I give each of my main team 1 speed boost, just to help the mirror match if I come up on one (also it beats the strike tower clone because my speed will always be higher than the computer version). After that, the rest of my boosts go to the dinos that have the best outcomes in combat. Utahsino gets more speed and attack. Smiloceph gets more speed and attack. Tryko gets health and attack. Erlidominus gets more speed and attack. And I will give any leftover health to dinos that need it.

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Although I don’t boost anything currently, I think it’s best to boost creatures that you want to play long time.
Short term overboosting one or two dinos is good, but long term that won’t make your team better. On the other hand, equal boosting is nonsense short term, but if you keep boosting on long term you will have powerful team. Though your hands will be tied with those 8 creatures, until you can boost another creature to their lvl.

I tend to favor damage.
If I start consistently losing due to speed, I look at the opponents tier, and adjust accordingly. (I don’t want to over spend on speed. If you are faster than most of your opponents already, it’s taking up a boost slot) I spend the health when I get it, but will probably phase out the health boosts later.

You REALLY need to consider where you are in the game before applying boosts.

I have an alternate account at level 10, I’m seeing people drop lots of money/resources (boosts) into creatures that just aren’t going to be viable for them within a few arenas. They are going to lose half of what they built up, or just have their boosts sitting on the bench forever.

We see it in higher arenas too, boosted to the moon creatures that can be damaging, but really aren’t viable.

You can easily be up to your peak level in a year or less with this game. Be patient.

My opinion… if you are dropping boosts into anything below mid apex you’ll regret it in short order. (I’d even have doubts about most mid apex)

I’m not so sure we’ll ever see a boost reset again. However, I reserve the right to be incorrect in this assessment.


“or something that is weak”
I don’t use garbage that is weak. Why would I put the most valuable resource on something that sucks? Wait for a dino that pulls its own weight.

You need to boost the dinosaurs’ main strengths. So health on Brachi would be good but a health focus on Blue is trash. Similarly, dumping speed on a slow dinosaur is not good. It will eventually be outsped by a boosted fast dinosaur. There are probably exceptions to this. Another thing is that you might be splitting boosts between dinosaurs, and then you might boost one suboptimally (but not by much). For example if you have many dinosaurs that benefit most from damage, and you are out of att boosts, you could boost one in health if it compensates nearly equally. To win it is also important to consider the typical boost spreads of other people. I do not think the eggs-in-one-basket strategy works. You will only draw that dinosaur half the time, and even then can still suffer from matchups. How I boost personally is to use them on dinosaurs I like. I am not tryhard about climbing in the arena.

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You misunderstand:
All dinosaurs have weaknesses. Procerathomimus has relatively low health. Indominus Rex has relatively low speed. When you boost a stat that is relatively low, you increase it by a higher percentage than if you boost a high stat.

But aren’t we able to refund at least part of the stat boost later? The message that nags me whenever I open the boost interface claims we are.