How do YOU pronounce the character's names πŸ˜€

Title says it all! Great game and looking forward to new adventures and locales!!!

Ummmm, β€œBard, Warlock, Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Barbarian, Ranger, and Wizard” :smiley:


Farideh is pronounced to rhyme with β€œfajita” (fah-REE-duh), according to her creator Erin M. Evans.

Of the others:

HAL-ben-et or hal-BEN-et (or "the elf cleric who can never cast β€˜heal’ fast enough)
SAAR-vin (hold the β€œA” just a little longer)

If you’re at all interested in Farideh or Saarvin, Erin M. Evans had a bunch of fun stuff about Dragonborn culture and language in her novel Ashes of the Tyrant. But you should probably start with Brimstone Angels and work your way forward.

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