How do you sort your team?


I mean there are 8 slots to put Dino in, normally I make it like

2 Anti-Tank (Posti, Indorex)
2 Speedy Thief (Tany, Pyrritator)
2 Tank (Stegod, Tragod)
2 Nullify (Tany, Monostego)
2 Auto Counter (Tragod, Rajakylo-ren)

2 of them must has Immunity

How about yours?


Good thread!

I just upgraed my gorgo to lev 15 and farming megalosauro to unlock megalocuso. So I put in a side my lev 15 T-rex for a while and put this brand new dino in my team to see how she perform with the rest of the team and the random 4 selected for each battle. Now my team is:

As per MnBrian’s classification, I have:
One rex (Indominus) -> anti - tank and anti - beef with teeth
Three speed breed (Tanicolagreo, Gorgosuco and Postimetrodonte) -> anti - beef with teeth and other dinos with half health that can be one shotted, preparing the best attack for the next opponent
One beef with teeth and a half :sweat_smile: (Stegoceratopo and my dear Suchotator) -> anti - speed breed and anti - rexes
Two slow tanks (Stegodeo and Nodopatosauro) -> anti - speed breed but also anti - beef with teeth

I prefer to have my roster with 2 nullify and 2 immune dinos so that I can have a chance to have at least one in my 4 fighting dino.


Im just focus my teams in tanks and antitanks, depend what i think i can hunt more depend of my life zone and the tier list of they


I like to think of my team like this. Half the team tanks the damage(Stego, Monosteg, Trago, Stegocera) while the other half deals it(Irex, Trex, Gorgosuchus, Spinotahraptor). Out of the damage dealers i like to have at least 2 with DS moves and at least 1 with 125+ speed.


P.S. Id love to have another Immune or Null dino on my team. Wish I had Monomimus!


My idea of good team (in parenthesis my actual dinos) is:

  • 2 Speed (16 VRaptor, 13 Pyroraptor)
  • 2 Anti Tank (15 Rexy, 14 Allo)
  • 2 Tank (15 Stegoceratops, 14 Nodopato)
    2 dino with “overall stats”, like 14 Gorgosuchus (decent speed, huge attack, decent health) and 15 Einiasuchus (good health, armored, decent speed and huge attack). They will not excel in one stats in particular, but they have global good stats for every occasion :joy:

Do you think I need an immune dino? Which one in particular I have to focus with? (actually i don’t have any good immune dino)


How close are you to I-rex?


40/200, 3 attempts (10,10,20) but it’s quite hard to find Rexy :disappointed_relieved:
My idea is swap IRex with Allo when I will got him, what do you think about?


Sounds good. Also, I think running both Vraptor and Praptor is too much. I used to run 2 speed dinos (Monolopho and Praptor) and found them being dead cards a lot of the time.


So your suggestion is to keep only one between Vraptor and Pyro? What dino can I use instead one of them? Maybe another tank like amargo is a good choice?


Yep, I think Amargo would be a good idea. She’s a solid tank if you don’t have the legendaries.


My team is pretty random but it gets me by.


I hope you get your Indo Rex soon, I myself can not get past 140, but for the opposite reason. I have T-Rex dna but no raptor.


…Even with this lineup it has taken me some time to hit the 4000 trophies. I was bouncing between 3980-3780 constantly.


Ludia, please, let us to excange DNA, because i have a lot of vRaptor :joy: