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How do you stay interested when wrecked by RNG?


In my last two games alone I have had 2 out of 13 stealth/evasion coin flipds go my way.

That is .0122% chance of happening. This games RNG is utter crap. No way these are true random numbers.

So how do you do it. How do you stay interested with a game with such a blatant flaw in it.


tbh i made a post abput this earlier. in programing random number generators are generally based on time and location as values to generate. if you have bad luck, just move a few feet in any direction and see if your luck changes. if not just try battling another time. normally a random int generator should use milliseconds to be completely random but ludia’s version seem to be using seconds and even maybe minutes. that may be why you are having all that bad of a luck

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Eventually the rng will swing your way in the same extreme as it wasnt going your way. Yes, i agree it was a serious design flaw and the devs were aware of it as well… so you have this enforcer code that makes sure everything eventually evens out. But the rng swings are pretty much just another part of the game.


I try and eliminate the RNG dependency from my team as much as possible. The only dino I have in my team with any RNG dependant ability is I.rex because the x4 damage from a cloaked rampage is just too good to pass up.

And since I plan the use of the cloak to ensure that even if both (in most cases) attacks hit, my I.rex will survive. Meaning that any successful dodge is a bonus and never fails to put a smile on my face.

In regards to my opponents using RNG I just assume it will be 100% in their favour and plan accordingly.

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Simple, I just don’t battle. I spend almost all my time on JWA hunting and doing strike events.


I stay interested because it’s just a game and would be boring without some sort of random element.

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This doesnt work. You may try to remove rng from your team but everyone else will just throw a ton at you and you’ll end up in the same situation; constantly losing to crits, stuns andd dodges. trust me; I’ve done the same thing; as little rng on my team as possible and it’s still rng that’s my biggest problem


A good game would create variety through player-driven innovations and exploration of gameplay. RNG does not add anything positive to the game, to any game. It is a crutch for a game which has been built rigidly and with no real gameplay variety

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I disagree. I come from a tabletop gaming background, mainly wargaming and that wouldn’t work without the random elements (dice rolling) to represent the vagaries of war. It adds a lot to the enjoyment and excitement of the game. Such games also have tournaments and the random elements go hand in hand with player skill.

In JWA if there was not random element the fights would be completely pointless. I would go so far as to say that there needs to be a little bit more randomness, such as damage being a bracket amount (say damage falls between 1000 and 1200 for example). Fights would be a lot more suspenseful and it would promote better team building I think than what we presently have.

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I never really understood they went with a flat damage stat instead of a damage range.

But with the way this games rng behaves id rather not have matches where all my dinos roll the lowest damage possible followed by 6 mayches where they roll the highest damage possible.

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In your tabletop games are the players required to roll to determine what pieces they can bring? What directions they move in? Basically is every decision they make predetermined by chance? I’m going to guess no. Players make informed decisions and moves based on their knowledge of the game and how they believe their opponent will act and react. The random instances you refer to are added to detract from this counterplay for reasons I honestly cant fathom, basically it’s the game developers saying ‘ok, make your careful plans and informed choices, now watch us throw a spanner in the works and mess it all up’. RNG is only essential to JWA as it is now because the game has been built that way. A game of this kind, like Pokemon or Final Fantasy should do it’s best to minimize the overall impact rng has on the game, as opposed to maximising it like JWA does. Even if you’re someone who thinks rng is necessary for games (despite there being plenty of games with minimal or even NO rng) I’m not sure how you could justify the lengths to which JWA goes with it.

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Players build their army/list out of their chosen units based upon what they want their overall strategy to be.

You could say that JWA needs to have just four specific team dinosaurs but then would we be seeing the same dinosaurs over and over again? Yes. Competitive players would only field the absolute best four. I don’t think JWA should be a random four out of eight but I see the reason for doing it.

You need that spanner in the works. Evasion, for example, is needed to keep things interesting. I don’t like nullify and immunity (and immune shields) but I understand they are they for a reason.

If JWA went the way of no RNG as a lot of people here seem to want, you may as well not have dinosaurs or pokemon or whatever, and instead just play paper-rock-scissors. It would not be fun. You need random elements and different abilities - even the ones that we find irritating - to keep the game interesting, fun and not just a case of one sided screen tapping.


As I stated in my post:

I plan damage based on successful crits, if they use a stunner I plan my ideal response - tank the next hit or swap out to a fresh dino, as for dodges/evasions I have some dinos with nullifying and several bleeders. I try and cover most of the bases - tanks, immunes, defence breakers, bleeders, cleansers, pinners, distractors and slowers. Unfortunately, the one thing I can’t work around is the god awful selection algorithm.

Although one correction I will make to my earlier statement is that I’ve recently added in Paramoloch to try her out. I’ve been on the receiving end of that thing for a while now and I wanted to see what it felt like sitting on the other side of the table.


Imagine there is no RNG at all in this game and winning is just a matter of having the strongest dino’s with the highest hit points and most damage.

This game is much like a D&D game and Ludia is the Dungeon Master.

RNG makes it so a level 30 doesn’t just automatically win against a level 25. Having a level 30 dino will increase the chance of winning a lot more over a level 25 but not always. RNG brings some unpredictability and allows the chance of a stun or chance of a critical hit or chance of an evasion to have your lower dino win over a higher one.

I solo’d an epic tower 30 T-rex with a 22 Utasinoraptor because the instant charge 75% stun worked in my favor. Without the RNG, my dino would have died in a head to head, hit points and damage vs hit points and damage battle.


You nailed it @Oriondestiny!

This is what makes games fun (and addictive).

That “what if” or “will it” scenario that releases adrenaline and dopamine when things work out in our favor. It’s a good feeling. It’s what gets people hooked… until when it doesn’t.


@Oriondestiny using D&D is a perfect example of why there needs to be a random for the battles.


If the RNG in this game was fair, i wouldnt hate it so much, but right now the RNG in this game is really poorly designed and makes me hate the battle system so much.
I agree that a game like this needs RNG, but the RNG in this moment its just too polarizing, literally taking away all the skill.
Look at Pokémon (not that abomination of Pokémon GO), Pokémon has RNG, Just not a gamebreaking one.


I think the problem is that people often misinterpret what the percentages mean. If an attack as a 75% chance to stun, people assume that they will stun 3 out of 4 attacks and get frustrated when that doesn’t happen. They forget that each attack has a 3 in 4 chance to stun, and each calculation is independent of the one before and the one after.


And no, D&D is an horrible example, because is a PVE tabletop RPG, not a PVP turn based game.
Is like comparing CoD with pugb because both have guns or warcraft 3 with StarCraft because both have real time decisions.


When I tend to lose about two or three battles in a row I stop before it gets too painful and resume later. This way it feels like my average gets better, because I don’t succumb to a dozen losses in a row.

Though, it’s important to note that this is easier said than done… XD