How do you think the aquatic update will be if they add one?

I have ideas. I think they are doing more separate arenas and can only use aquatic dinosaur.

Has there been an update announced?

No. It’s just an idea

I think Ludia should make metricanthosaurus

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Are you think?

What do you think? I’m waiting for the answers.

When will we hear about next update?

What aquatic update are you refering to? I havent heard anything about a water event?

Most people are guessing the next update will include aquatics because they added them in jurassic world the game.

I think the next update is gonna be the flying reptiles they didnt include in the past update. I dont see them comming out with an aquatic update in winter… id guess if there gonna do one itll be in spring.

I think an aquatic update would be well-recieved in my home! My son absolutely adores the mosasaur, probably thanks to Jurassic World.

Anyway, you’re right Evicton because you still have not got the dimorphodont.

I hope they wont do an aquatic update soon…
We still have some bugs/interface problems ( dino in strike tower) and we leak a lot of dinos and with a lot i mean A LOT!!

Some balance updates would be great also befor we got more of this underused “dinos”.

JWA is still a fresh game and we will get (hopefully) more stuff to play with.

By the way, guys, there were no squared dinosaurs, at least none that we know of. The closest thing we have to that were dinosaurs like spinosaurus that spent much of its time in rivers looking for fish. Plesiosaurs, mosasaurs, etc. weren’t dinosaurs; they weren’t even archosaurs. Mosasaurs were actually a subset of lizards, closely related to snakes.