How do you unlock a dino that you outleveled

For example in today they give you the option to unlock the utahraptor which I need and spinosaurus which I have already unlocked. But because of my game level they force me to do spino instead of the utah

It has been posted that they will eventually rotate through all of them for you to get them.

However, I haven’t noticed common or rare unlocks for higher level parks yet.


Yea I knew about them going on a revolving for most of them but it was the commons and rarest I was wondering about

We had several of the lower level creatures available for the higher level players at the beginning of February, Utahraptor among them. There have been several frequent flyers, but there have been a mix of others as well.

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Can you not unlock them playing through the battle arena

Things got reshuffled a couple of months ago

kaprosuchus and geosaurus today.
last week: monolophosaurus and quesocoatlus and xinitho