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How do you unlock new arenas?


I’ve been riding arena 1 for awhile now. Do I need to gain more trophies or more XP to unlock the next arena? Thanks!

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More trophies, so win more battles

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Just play more battles!
Winning a battle gives trophies, and more trophies
Means higher arenas!

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Do some events and get some epic dinos and you will leave arena 1 very soon.

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If you tap on the arena name it changes screens to show you the hierarchy of arenas. That screen shows you how many trophies you need to advance to the next arena and which dinosaurs you get in their incubators. Good luck in your battles!

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Simply lvl up your Dino so you could win battles , gain trophies and promoted to next arena. Doing this you need to collect more DNA and also join an alliance where members will help you to donate DNA

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