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How do you use Lania?

I just unlocked Lania and will be adding to my team after I level it up a few tiers to lvl 25-26. A few questions for players using Lania:

  1. Will level 25/26 be ok for Lania with team of all lvl 30’s? I have some saved boosts I’ll likely add to Lania once I add to team.
  2. What is best boost distribution? Balanced?
  3. Is Lania a good lvl25/26 replacement for lvl30 Thor (with minimal boosts)?
  4. What are good matchups for Lania? Better as a start let or setup as revenge and then for next Dino opponent?

Appreciate any feedback on this!

Yes. Thor is garbage next to lania


Lania is best used as a set-up, but can still be good in head-to-head. I wouldn’t go crazy on speed. Use it’s armor and high damage to it’s advantage. In head-to-head, it loses against gemini, moth, surprisingly gorgosuchus, and even more surprisingly, Baryonyx. Tryostronix is 50/50 as it and Bary use Ready to Crush to yield the best results. A set-up Lania will one hit the following top tiers: smilo, the indos, the indoms, tryko and dio, moth, phora, tarkus, orion, another mammolania, and everything that can’t null/stun the ferocious turn 1 while having 4500 hp or less or creatures that can nullify/stun it with less than 3000 hp

Appreciate the feedback. Anybody else have any thoughts on use of Lania?

This is my current team and want to ditch Thor unless anybody else has some advice…

Only faced a handful in the arena at L26/L27 which I would say is below team level and had very little trouble with them. Mine’s only L22 so too low to try out. Performed very well in the recent tournament though.

This was from earlier this morning. She is level 21 unboosted and she keeping up with my team who’s average level is about 25


Don’t mind me, I just like seeing how people would have won the match if they did something different. In this case, if the Vexus went for Nullifying Impact instead, you would have lost as 2350 damage is not enough to kill the Vexus while he can just use DI to kill Lania

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Step 1: Use PFS
Step 2: Use DR
Step 3: Laugh at your enemy who just lost a dino, incapable of doing anything


I’m using lvl 23 Mammolania (7/5/0) on a team average 28. Swapped out unboosted lvl 27 Magna. When setup, Mammolania can destroy whole team. Can also setup any creature that can be slowed, for next creature.

Thinking though if it would be good to put some speed boosts?

Any other ideas? Just unlocked Mammolania as well :9

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My end goal for mammoth tank is lv 30 teirs 12 15 and 3

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