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How do you use phorurex?

I used to main phorusura as a starter to at least have a set up for my next creature but that swap in ability of p-rex is tempting for me to save it for later use in the battle. If I shouldn’t use her as a starter, what creatures in my collection/roster are best for openers?

(I use erlidom and gem as my best openers and dentis/spyx as last resort openers if I get a bad pull)

I’ve also been getting countered hard by all the people who got carried to get skoona in aviary so what counter do you recommend?

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Phorurex can be used either as a swapper and/or a revenge killer. Wouldn’t really recommend starting with it.

I’m pretty sure Scorp G3 and Gem can counter Skoona if played correctly but tell me if I’m wrong

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I use it as a swapper more , especially since not only I do damage with swap in rend but also I can potentially kill with cautious cunning rampage


Mostly as a revenge killer, I’d never start with it because it’s a glass cannon and can easily be ko’d by brute force. Its instant rampage is nasty and perfect for finishing dinos off, also that way for the next dino you can try to dodge and pull off the lethal rampage and run.

I use it less as a swap in because I suck at math and working out percentages :joy: though if a dino has a small amount of health left I’ll play dirty and swap it in.

Also it’s always fun to catch players out who somehow don’t notice it has a damaging lockdown move.


Never as a starter. One of her best attributes is the swap in 40% rend. If you let her go down to threatened HP, you’ll miss out on half of that PLUS your opponent knows it’s coming.

Best play is usually when you’re faster but you know you’re opponent is going to swap out. Swap to Prex, they take the swap out damage, the swap in damage (sometimes on the same dino if it gets locked) and then potentially stunned as well, where you can use daring strike on your free turn (if stun hits) and set up CCR and then LRR for turns 2 and 3.

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If I have it on my team then I get the opponent’s first creatures hp down enough the swap in, instant rampage, crit sidestep, lethal rampage and run, gets swapped in to what ever other creature you have, repeat. Hopefully that made sense and helped you out a little bit.

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Out of your current team I would recommend to start with either Maxima or Gemini. They are versatile enough to do decent against most other openers (can slow down, apply vulnerability, break shields…).

With this you can leverage of the swap-in power of your Phoru, Mrhino and SR3 and still do have Thor, Spyx and Erlidom as revenge killers.

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Also for team advice personally I’d drop Erlidom for Quetzorion. Quetz eats all the Indoraptors for breakfast, also anything cunning for that matter.

Also Thylacotator works wonders against Skoona and anything sauropod.


I prefer it as a standalone revenge killer/closer.
As a swapin?
That’s a last resort and I hope I have better options.


I try and open with fast tenrex as opener if possible, can trade quite well with tryko, gem, max, not so much skoona bcoz of counter+distract. Just had a opening match tenrex 1v1 tryko, I went di, tryko tried to swap out after ri, I swapped in pho and got the stun rend + obstruct. Followed up with a strike and ko tryko. Speed is key for tenrex tho.

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I use my PhoruR to cause terror upon my opponents. I think it works well

It’s not the worst starter to be honest. Can sometimes one-shot an opponent and if you don’t like the matchup you can always swap it for something else and leave your opponent fretting over when you will bring it back for the rending swap-in. You can force swaps too early that way.

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i use mostly as a revenge killer, specially if i have other swap-in creature. i revenge kill opponent, and if they bring something will for sure kill my phorex before turn 3, i use another swap-in to help, saving phorex to: revenge again or finally a swap-in rend later.

but just some suggestions because phorurex is one of the top uniques, together with skoonasaurus, testacornibus… those bad balanced things that at level 21 unboosted can smash many opponents, lol.

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Thank you for your advice everyone. decided to keep her for swap in and the result for one of the battles was defeating a mammolania with 7012 hp, 1100 attk, 121 speed with the use of:

dentismax: 4912 hp, 1010 attk, 113 spd

Phoru: 3252 hp, 1284 attk, 128 spd

Try to get your opponents health bellow 2000 then switch to phorurex to defeat him with his swap in or when he tries to switch out. This is also helpful against swap in teams

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i wonder why phorex alert rending lockdown is less when threatened.

shouldn’t threatened abilities be stronger due to being in disadvantage?

or this is intended to not encourage multiple swaps (since it’s already hurt is because was fighting before)?

I think it’s the second. It’s like DracoRAT except with diminishing returns if you then swap it out and back in again.

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