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How do you use the runes?

The first time I saved 4000 runes, I spent them with a premium dragon draft. It was good and my team was improved.
Now I’m approaching 4000 runes again. Do you use the runs buying new dragons or maybe helping to achieve special dragons like Light Fury, Cloudjumper, etc?

The best things to use it on are event dragons, the 10+1 premium draft and energy (and maybe speeding up breeding, but not to sure about that one since fish is so scarce)

My suggestion is that if you don’t have many 4 or 5 star dragons you should use it on the 10+1 draft.

If you can get an event dragon by using runes on 1 or 2 refreshes i’d say go for that instead, but more than 2 refreshes might be a bit of a wast in my opinion.

I use them on 10+1 basic draft. Because I click there more often than on Premium draft.

Simple. I collect 400 runes, use them for draft attempts, but when I don’t have that much runes, I either save them for later or I use them to speed up breedery. However, most of the time “saving the runes for later” becomes a manual restart for trust events. I can do up to a second manual restart. Of course, said restart happens when it’s more affordable, like hours after the offer. Why? I sort of need to manage the hour I play so next day’s free is at the right hour, and to make sure I can play on the last day so I fill the quota of 4 rounds per event.

Definitely breeding in my opinion that’s how I’ve breed my 5 stars. But I’m sure events are fine too