How do you use your Creature Markers

I just thought it would be a fun idea to see how everyone uses their creature markers.
Here is how I use mine:


I use my red markers to represent creatures whose hybrids I am working to unlock


I use purple to represent hybrids I trying to unlock


I use blue to represent creatures on my team I need to level
(I have non with the blue marker currently)

I don’t use it and don’t plan to ever use it unless I start to show signs of Alzheimer.


These are what I use the markers for. I’m only using 3 at the moment, but that might change eventually.

Blue: Dream Team

Purple: Dream Team Ingredients

Yellow: Needs to be leveled up to reach fusing level.

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100% agree with @th3g3ntl3m4n - I haven’t and won’t use such a useless resource as these markers.

It beggars belief that the community chose these as an addition when we could have chosen any one of at least three options that could have served a purpose.

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Currently I am using

Red: dinos I am gonna work towards levelling up

Orange: components of good hybrids/super hybrids/ mega hybrids

Yellow: components of hybrids/super hybrids/mega hybrids I am working towards

Green: hybrids I am working towards

Blue: Dinos I am thinking of putting on my team

Purple: current meta dinos

I don’t use them. I think they’re distracting and ugly.


The only time I’ve been using them has been for when I need a dino from a sanc that will be almost always be low level. Sanctuaries load so slowly, so being able to see if I need anything from them before entering helps.

Why is there so much hate to this markers on the comments? We understand you don’t like them, but some of us found some use in them, no need to ruin the mood…

I mainly use them to “favourite” certain dinos I use in strike towers, mostly because if I have the list of dinos open for longer than like 20 or 30 seconds my game crashes :upside_down_face: why it happens there and not on the actual collection tab I will never know. If I quickly jump between the marker tabs it seems to mitigate it.

Red = Cunning
Orange = Fierce
Yellow = Resilient
I think I used one of the other colours for a “I want this dino for this tower to try it out and I need to get it asap” option too and will mark/unmark it.

Personally for me I initially thought they’d be absolutely useless but did a 180 after discovering it’s a work around to said crashes (though that said I refuse to believe the community actually voted for these things).

I don’t really know I just put them on for no reason because they look cool (for me) soo I’m going to organize them a bit more

Ok so I went for rarity

Orange - common (it’s supposed to be gray but we don’t have gray)

Blue - rare

Yellow - epic

Red - legendary

Green - unique (I don’t have uniques yet)
Oh and i call them creature flags by the way

Red for benched creatures blue for the ones I want to use in my pvp team