How do you view the previous alliance championship scores?

Now that the alliance championship has ended I am not able to view my alliances rank in the previous tournament nor am I able to view my individual members ranks. All I can see on the leaderboard is my scores.

How am I supposed to know what everyone contributed after the championship ends?

Ludia made it seem like we would be able to see who is contributing but after tournament 4 ends all info is gone.

Luckily I wrote scores down in my spreadsheet yesterday around 5pm eastern time. However that’s like 17 hours before the championship ended. If I’m not able to review scores and take pictures minutes before it ends how do I monitor this?


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Hey Phil, our team is currently looking into this. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ned for the quick response.

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@Ned thanks for looking into this!! I also did the same as @Phil and tracked every number of my team. But last figures I have are from yesterday… thought I would get the chance to take the final numbers after the tournament :frowning:
Edit: would be cool to see final leaderboard of the alliances as well. Dont know if we ranked 11th or 12th

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Is there a way to view the final standings and my teams individual performances. I can’t find the leaderboard since it ended and I’d like to adjust my alliance based on their participation. I can only find my own ranking in each tourney.

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Another fail today.

I had a hunch i save personal scores. But i have no idea about my alliance performance (got a score, no position

@Ned thanks man! I am able to see the whole alliances previous score and my alliance rank. Just what I was hoping for.

Anyone else notice that top tier incubator reduced to 650,000 points now? #winning.


where do you go to see that? i don’t see an option for it. or is it just for alliance leaders.

Final standing now visible in the game…


Go into Tournaments and click the Alliance Championship at the top. Then look closely at the incubator rewards at the top. The updated numbers are there in game but hard to read.

that button looks like a refresh button. no wonder i missed it.

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It’s the same icon they used to view previous tournaments. I don’t remember if it was there earlier or not, but I saw someone point out that it was there.

It wasn’t there earlier today. That’s how I noticed it and tapped it.

So glad this is there. It helps for when you’re not able to get it all before hand. Reset I’m typically busy at work.

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