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How does a team member invite other players to join their team now

hi all,

It seemed it was once as simple as clicking a players name and hitting invite. but now i cant find how to incite players to my team?

has this function changed and become a leader only option?

Yeah, in a alliance, leaders can invite people, or people ask the leader for entry. But if you aren’t a leader, you can just friend them. Got it now, your welcome.

it never used to be this way tho right?

Since I have been playing its been that way. You can invite a player if they are your friend. Otherwise, it has to go to through the leader.

Sometimes, this mechanic causes problems because a leader is trying to clean up their alliance only to have a good player the leader wanted to keep re-invite a bad player the leader wanted to get rid of because the two were friends. I had to leave an alliance once because a whole group of people, half good half bad, basically infiltrated the alliance and the leader could not get rid of the bad ones without remove half of the alliance. There was still no guarantee the leader would get them all. Good times.

so the situation is my leader asked us to invite players if we knew any that are keen. I have some in my friends list from my old team but i have no option to invite them. yet i am sure we were once able to

As an alliance leader, I paid HC to start my own alliance, IIRC it was no small sum. (Edit: LOL, 10k COINS! That seemed like so much back when alliances were first introduced)

What I don’t want is where my alliance members can simply invite and accept their second or third (or more) accounts to swap/launder DNA between accounts.

I don’t know how many strangers have just shown up in my alliance without me vetting them.

As an alliance leader/creator, I’d like final approval of members.

I like the idea of members being able to invite, but they should not be able to willy nilly fill available slots as they wish.

yeah i agree. and i would never invite without my leaders approval. I just didnt realise that the invite process had changed