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How does an application get MORE buggy with each update?


Seriously. How is this even a thing.
Every update makes the game MORE unstable and buggy


The darting sucks, and the game keeps freezing.


I just got a “your match has timed out” notification while I was darting in the wild.


This is becoming hilarious.


Lack of testing. Ludia appears to make the updates, not truly test them on different devices and roll them out, expecting users to be the beta testers.

I have asked the same question and it is the only answer. These issues are so plain that the only logical rational is that they rushed out an update without testing it. Our company works in management education and I am actually thinking of writing an article about it for LinkedIn. Would be great to interview a couple of people at Ludia. It’s great customer service case study.


I’m sorry to hear about the “match timed out issue,” @Jonny5, and I can understand your frustration. However, please rest assured that our team is currently looking into the issue to try and find a fix for this ASAP.

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Can you please acknowledge the error code 10044? These individuals can at least login!!


Several members of my alliance, including myself, cannot battle. It times out everytime we try. Does anyone know this is an issue?

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I feel your pain, can’t imagine being in your shoes right now as a player and support position.


good game -.-


I do appreciate the response as well as the devs looking for a fix. My problem however is that I cannot fulfill my daily rewards etc. Which in turn affects my weekly alliance missions. Yesterday with the delay for Android I was unable to get the erlik 100 DNA. Therein lies the issue.

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Daily incubators stack. They don’t just disappear.
Don’t worry, you’ll get the daily boosts in every incubator


Several times today when coming out of a darting session, my game completely freezes.


for each 5 bug fixes they bring us 10 brand new bugs.

guess what got the top buff with 1.7? no dinos, but BUGs. :wink:

stats boosts come together with bugs boosts.


Battle incubators stack yes. I won a battle and got - 1 points. Not bothered though as I only battle for incubators. Will wait for the fix


Same here, and I get match timed out during matches.


The only bug I’ve encountered is that Carnotaurus is not getting a unique. Clearly this is a gross oversight.


Yip. Has that happen several times. I tried to fill up my incubator slots for the new day. Got matched up against 3-4 levels higher. Faced a lvl28 Thor when my highest is a lvl25 tator