How does armor work?


How does a dinosaurs armor stat work in this game? For instance Euoplocephalus has a stat that says “armor 40%”. What does that mean for when it’s in battle? Also if it does block damage, how often?

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40% armor is 40% damage reduction. Therefore, if a Dinosaur has a 1000-damage attack, it will only do 600 of that 1K to your armored dinosaur.*

Shields are temporary, ability-provided damage reductions as well that work much the same way but unlike armor, you need to use the ability for it to take effect and they last only for a limited time. Armor is active all the time.

*Large theropods and a few other dinosaurs have armor-ignoring attacks and will do their full damage to your ankylosaur.


Great, @Poxinabox! Good explanation. Very much appreciated! :grinning: