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How does block stack?

Does anyone know how BLOCK works?
For example, if we consider Nayeli, she has 3 different items which provides block.

  • Broock of Shielding: 25% (if it procs)
  • Sign of Tyr: 50%
  • Paladin’s Helm: 50%

Do the 3 effect stack?

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As far as I know, only the highest applies.

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Uh…thank you Airborne, what a pity!

@Fizbanius and @Dungeoneer. Can’t say I ever tracked it myself. I would say that this is probably something you can figure out with a bit of pve grinding.

Put all of the block type equipment on your paladin. Activate a few of those gear on the hero. Record how much damage certain enemy deal to your hero without block and with 1, 2 or more blocks on.

Do that a few times, run the averages and you should be able to tell roughly what the effect is. Do the blocks stack, is it highest block only, or something else like how multiple AC buffs do stack but not 100%?

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If you applied just the 2, you would be FULLY immune to damage for 4 turns. Sorta answers itself👻

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Agree @Khmer that it is unlikely to stack entirely like 50% block plus 50% block = 100% block and no damage.

But there are different types of stacking. Like for example damage is 1,000. Block 50%, so now damage is reduced to 500. Second stacked block prevents another 50%, reducing it now to 250. Third stacked block at 25% reduces again to 187.5. That in effect is a stacked block, just a different type of stacking.

Or it could be like how AC buffs do stack. There just seems to be some sort of upper limit. Like a month ago @Cptmak posted a pic with more than a million AC buff. You would think a million AC would mean very little damage is getting through, but that’s not the case. There’s some sort of upper limit to the benefit going on there.

I could see a simple rule like all blocks stack, but can never block more than 75% in total. So block 50% plus block 25% will stack and block 75% of damage. But block 50% plus block 50% will still only block 75% because of the max block limit. So, stacking, but with a cap to the effect.

There could be other ways block is handled. These were just examples

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@Khmer yes, but I imagined something like a percentage of the percentage of the percentage depending on the order of activation, as per @CPXZ explaination:

i.e. 50% + (50% of 50%) = 50% + 25% = 75%
then 75% + (25% of 75% if Broock of Shielding procs) = 75% + (25% of 75%) = 75% + 18.75% = 93.75%

Block doesn’t stack

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It was over a billion A/C. And yeah stopped meaning anything long before that.

In my experience,
Block isn’t stacked, only the highest is applied.
AC boost is stacked, but there is an upper limit of AC.

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Hi, checked with the team and can confirm only the highest block is applied.


Thank you @Keith!

Oh wow thank Keith that quite useful to know.

If there could be some database of game mechanics somewhere it would be nice like how attack bonus work compare to damage bonus. It get hard to figure out which one is better sometimes

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TY, Keith :slight_smile:

Fully agree with @Krom, we really need some info about the game mechanics.

Even with 500m AC I could be hit and damaged…so yeah…