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How does Cali cast Dominate 3x to my 1?

In PvP, killed cleric, Ranger, then paladin. Then my party got wiped because opponent’s Caliope cast Dominate EVERY OTHER TURN. How does cooldown get lowered to 2?

Meanwhile, my bard’s cooldown is 6 turns. Opponent’s Bard cast 3 Dominate spells to my 1.

Can someone please explain?

At max ability it’s cool down is 4 turns. When the opponent only has 1 toon left to your 3. They get a turn after any one of your toons goes. So they are cooling down abilities 3 times before it gets back to your teams top of the initiative order. Calli is Notoriously hard to take down once she is the last toon. Esp with Injure sword stealing a turn when it kills a toon on the start of its turn. Between Boris, Heal + extra action and Dominate she can steal turn so that the opponent even with 4 toons vs just 1 Calli. Calli can make it so you never get a turn back…

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Enjoy what you can enjoy. PVP is super flawed and they just introduced another money making character.

Same cookie cutter events, so monotonous.

money, money, money, money…MONEY

You’re fired!

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They will just nuke the hell out of the new character after a few months and some pay checks. Then we will see another character.

Yeah it’s ridiculous I’ve lost 2-12 matches in silverhand and that’s normal! See screen shots I’m losing to characters 2-3 levels below me!

bad pvp mechanics thats how

I quit VIP 2 months ago and now I log in, collect chests maybe play a battle to generate a chest.

When i participated in a battle today, it confirmed to me why I had after 2 years followed through with my cancellation.

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