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How does cloak probability work?


I think that cloak probability chance must be checked out.
It usually does not work on my dinos but it works almost on every of the other players.
In last month i had 3 battles where this situation was extreme:

  • battle 1: the cloak worked 3 times for other player’s Monomimus and 1 time for his Indominus, and in my first attempt for my Indominus it didn’t work and my opponent’s Indominus killed mine

  • battle 2: the cloak worked 3 times for other player’s Procerathomimus and 1 time for his Indoraptor, and in my first attempt for my Indominus it didn’t work and my Indominus was killed

  • battle 3: the cloak worked 3 times for other player’s Indoraptor and in my first attempt for my Indoraptor it didn’t work and his Indoraptor killed mine

This situation has not happened to me in a reverse situation.

I don’t know how works the cloak probability. I don’t know if it it random, if it depends in which dino are you using, the level of the dino or the level of the player.

But i think that it is not correct that in the same battle cloak can work for one player 4 times and that the first time the other player uses it does not work

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I could not agree more. I am also having issues with cloak and evasive strike. I never seem to dodge but never hit the opponent when they are cloaked. I would live to see a probability factor in there


I made a mistake. When i say cloak on Monomimus, Procerathomimus and Indoraptor i wanted to say “evasive strike”


The games rolls a random value between 1 and 100, which i’ll refer as R.
If R⩽50, then the attack is dodged
if R>50, then the attack isn’t dodged.
In other words, it’s completely random.


Sacrifice first child to rngeezus!? Jokes!!!


And you say that being a random system, in last month, in 3 battles, the roll worked 4 times for the same player and 0 for the other?


That’s how it works. In streaks and spurts. That is a guarantee.

If you rely on randomness for your game play you will always win a bunch and lose a bunch. At about the same rate that your moves work.



“BTW evasive stance received a big kick in the teeth with it being 100% chance to get hit back on counter.”



Exactly. A random occurrence being random can leader to busted stuff like this.


It’s in the release notes. Evasive and clock etc is now a 100% chance of being hit by counter attack.
“when a Dino is attacking it isn’t evading” from the developers


No. The counter rule works only for cloak. If it was for evasive that would mean it doesn’t work at all :joy:


If rng actually is broken, which I doubt, no one will ever care to check because most complaints about it are “I had a 1/32 probability event happen 3 times in 100 battles, rng is definitely broken, please help!”.


I was in error. It is indeed worded cloak specifically.

This differs from what I am observing.


I don’t know what you are observing but if your counters work 100% of time against cloak you need to show mine how to do it :grin:

Please edit your previous answer to acknowledge this online works for cloaks. No need to let people who wouldn’t read until the end of the topic to think it works for evasive too. There are already enough false rumors around and I’m tired to repeat the same things in every other topics. Thanks!

Sharing is caring :hugs:

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What I’ve noticed is 100% counter on evasive and about the same on cloak. Which is to say off and on.

The way it was worded was that it should be 100% on cloak.

I’m suspecting an error on thier part.

This is also last time I mention it as its off topic.


If the dinosaur hits you when you just cloaked the next hit will be a miss (2 out of 9 chances of a hit) but if the don’t hit you first turn then you’ll definitely gonna get hit on the next attack


If it works for your opponent and not for you, then that’s 50/50.


I do not complain about working with a chance of 50/50. I say that is not normal that in the same batlle cloak or evasive attack works for one player 4 times and in the same battle the unique time that the other uses one of them it doesn’t work. I think tyhat this is not a 50/50 chance