How does critical attacks work


Most of the times dinosaurs have 5% critical chance, but in my experience, the amount of critical attacks are more than the 5%


5% is the chance of getting a critical damage. Critical damage deals 1,5 damage.


I know that, what I sugest is that the chance of getting one of those is usually more than that 5% at least in my experience. For example I noticed when a dinasour is low it’s easier to get one good hit, if not I’m just unlucky most of the time.


The % chance is not an indicator for how often you get the critical hit. It’s the % chance EACH time you choose an action for that dinosaur.

It is possible to get it more than once in a row and it is also possible to not get it for a long time in a row. It’s part of the RNG.

Imagine flipping a coin. You have a 50% chance of getting heads. Is it still possible to get only tails 10 times in a row? Yes. Is it possible to get heads 10 times in a row? Still yes. But your % chance never changed.


Well I know but it seems too many times for that percentage to me, thx for your time I’m just unlucky