How does everyone but me have an 18+ Stegodeus?


Did I miss some kind of giveaway???


Are you short the nodosarus, stegosaurus or apatosaurus?


Because Stegodeus is actually the easiest to create legend class hybrid.

All the ingredients are very common, even Nodosaurus is one of the most common rare class dinos.
(The other one is Utahraptor)


Took me awhile to realize that I needed to find Apatasauros DNA. They only spawned in parks.

Once you figure out where the Apatasaurus is, keep grabbing them and save DNA. Same with Nodosaurus which are common…for a rare.


No, that’s before ver.1.3.
Now Apatosaurus is very common everywhere at daylight.


Very common ingredients - had 3 Nodosaurus today; I struggled a little at first with Stego DNA as I had levelled mine up to 20 as he was a mainstay of my team until very recently. I rarely bother to stop for Stego or Apato DNA when out walking - just dart the ones that pop up in range at work or home.


Very common?? I see probably 1 nodosaurus per week tops, and I live in a major metropolitan area and work in rural suburbs - I’d think if they were common, I’d see them…


They are here - just had the fifth of the day pop up …


I see multiple nodosaurus each day. It’s to the point where I no longer leave my house to get them. Until recently, I had over 10k nodo DNA.

Apato is literally everywhere. I ignore 90% of them and still have over 30k DNA.

Stego: See my comment for Apato.


I’m with you I can go days without seeing them


6th and 7th Nodo just popped up - and that’s without leaving town. Admittedly that is even more than an average day.


Barely see any where I am… but managed to get stegodeus up to level 21


I don’t see enough gen 1 Triceratops to level mine paste 15th.


:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:hmmmmmmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Don’t need triceratops for stegodeus. I’m guessing you’re thinking of stegoceratops.


Yep. I can’t read. lol :blush:


…Hahahaha oh dear :joy::joy:


You just keep on moving and rare will pop up. Even if you are searching for Nodo and facing others, just hunt them! Ludia keeps doing migrations so what it is a rare common could soon turn into a legendary rare in the future. Velociraptor teached this. As soon as I am moving, I dart every single dino I see. When I am at home, same except when I find myself with 40 or less darts, then I choose wisely, waiting for the free incub with 20 darts or the other arena incub to fatten my stock.


stegosaurus and apatasaurus are global spawns. you get can thousands of DNA everyday. as long as you can find nodosaurus which is also very common, very easy to get it to a high level. mine is 25.


I understand nodosaurus is a global spawn but I NEVER see it in fact I’ve seen more epic erlikos in the last week than I have nodos