How does everyone know?


so i trawl metahub and i read most posts. it seems everyone is privy to info i dont haha. theres talk of gorgo being nerfed, discussions of the new move types that are coming with the flying lizzards.

i gotta ask, what have i missed? where are you all getting this info?


This will help: [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4)

(Not sure about Gorgo, though, but she is definitely still my favorite!)


yes i read this. but it doesnt state anything about the nerfing, attack changes to the current dex


There’s info you can access if you use the drop down triangles from the release.


i dont follow…u mean the patch notes posted on this forum?


oh crap. i just found it. how did i miss that hahaha


Ludia did this for the last patch too. I think they just don’t want to bore the people uninterested in battle or who don’t want to read about it, which makes sense!

Even within the dropdown, there’s a second or third dropdown too. Be sure to check them all out.


i wont remember all these changes haha. gonna learn the hard way lol