How does everyone's phone battery fare?

I have an iPhone 5(SE) and I plan on getting the battery replaced (since I need the lightning port fixed while I’m at it). I’m always fretting about if my phone, while using it, will die or not because it ALWAYS likes to “lie” about how much of a charge it’s sitting at.

However, the nature of the beast, if you will, being this game sucks power like nobody’s business (even PoGo wasn’t even remotely this taxing, at least on my phone), I just came home from work now with a full charge as I didn’t use it all day and it was plugged in until I left.

I have the Scary epic strike event at the end of my driveway. Sweet! I stepped outside and JUST finished the 9th round and…the phone just died. Oh well, at least it wasn’t DURING one of the rounds, right? Well, I come back inside and I was out there maybe, MAYBE 20 minutes.

So that’s rather daunting on my end that I basically can’t play the game in any meaningful way unless I’m plugged into a charger. That $150 battery replacement and port repair better be worth it…

Have you considered getting a charging bank? It is basically a second battery you carry with you and plug into your phone as you would if you were charging it

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I used to have one. Lost it when I was out and about, fell out of hoodie pouch. Besides, game drained it super fast, regardless. Half-hour, 40 minutes tops.

I’ve got a moto z2 play, from 100%, if I’m doing nothing but dino hunting, I’ve got a solid 4.5-5 hours of battery life. If I need to charge it, I’ve got a power bank.

Edit: I also listen to music as I hunt so it drains my battery quicker.


They do come in various sizes bigger number the longer charge
My note 9 battery is 4000mah so i dont use mine anymore as it lasts the whole day of heavy use

I was going to also praise the Moto Z2 play, mine is only a few months old which I’m sure helps, but I’m getting nearly double what Asta posted(a solid 8 hrs) but I don’t have much else on it since I use my tablet for other purposes.

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yeah i have a note 9 too. i can go for a 45 minute walk and i’ll get a warning that says JWA has used 10% of my battery. my old phone though on it’s original battery would be totally gone after that amount of time.

I have a 4000 mAh and a 6000 mAh recharger me and my wife use when we play that lasts 3-4 hours otherwise this god awful game drains my cell phone to turning off in like 50 minutes. I double over packaging tape and stick it to the back of my phone. You can by larger like 10,000mAh rechargers but they start to be kind of big and bulky. I would suggest at least a 4000 to 6000 mAh. These will keep your phone at or close to 100% while playing.

I got a Note 9 too and battery life is awesome, best battery life ever!!

My battery is not too bad, currently using the red iphone 8+. On full charge with a 3 hour hunt run, my battery ends up being around 20%. Im running a gps tracker app aswell to record my distance and route that I take. Also running another mobile game app, either the walking dead or ghost busters. My phone is constantly on lol. If ever my battery decides to die on me early, I carry around 2 extra portable battery packs in my hunting gear bag. Ain’t no way batteries are stopping me from getting my raptors :rofl:

Iphone 7+ for me. Think I get about 3hrs maybe, havent really timed it but I have a portable battery that gives me 4 full charges so I can play for 15 hrs straight? lol :rofl:

yeah. i’ve never tested it, but it says 38 hours for note 9 battery life. iphone XS is at 20.

I know I can hunt all day and night and not use all my battery.

If I go out on a full charge without my battery bank I think I can get 2-3 hours on my iPhone 6. But I rarely ever go out without it. It lasts forever without needing to recharge. If I’m out for that same 2-3 hours the bank hasn’t even lost a 1/4 charge and my phone is still at 100%.

My wife and I have iPhone X’s and both use an anker 26800 portable charger when we walk around Disney. It last the entire day between the phone’s original charge and about 1/5 of the charger. The charger fits easily in my pocket and my wife carries her’s in her purse. We also run a separate phone (iPhone 7+) for Pokemon Go off of the charger and we are good to go all day no matter where we have gone. Hope that helps.


In a sentence…

If I am leaving home for more than an hour, my battery pack and charging cable are coming with me.

No exceptions :joy:

Using power saver in game + about 35% brightness (I hate overly bright screens) my Mini 4 lasts 3-4 hours straight running data + JWA. This includes people texting, notifications popping up etc.

I also listen to music while I’m hunting, so it drains my battery quicker. Lol
I had the z2 force for a while, shorter battery life but man was the screen resolution so much nicer. The force runs at 1440 HD.
I miss it so much. :frowning:

Bahaha :joy: Yup, that’s me as well.

I gotta switch up the pockets every now and then so it doesn’t too hot :boom: :fire:

MIne doesn’t get that hot, and not just because I’m in Canada and our weather has built in cooling.