How does everyone's phone battery fare?

Haha, nah it’s because I got the jumbo pack that’ll take me from 0 to 100% charge four times … lol I don’t mess around :joy:

The fifth time I’ve tried to post this thread but the moderators keeps “hiding it”

I have gotten this exact combo from a 24 hour epic incubator at least 2-3 times…

I’m calling you out on your bull Ludia:

@Ned @Jorge
Please forward to your developers that the RNG favoring trash epics in your 24 “epic” incubators is glaringly clear.
User dissatisfaction level: 10/10

I must be getting old because my eyes can’t see the difference, my friends always show me their new super-high def TVs and are like “look you can read that guy in the audiences hat!” And I’m like “what guy?” Lol- probably just some more of my nuerological issues from taking too many blows to the head :drooling_face:. if I could see it I may prefer the force too, but as I am the Z2play just gives me more bang for the buck-i have always liked Motorola products though. Besides, look at it this way you are being fiscally responsible lol

Do you play this in game launcher? Because i have never had that message😂
Have you managed to use the s-pen for darting?
It works for every other part of the game

They make much better battery boosters these days, and they’re pretty darn cheap as well. Get yourself a 10k to 20k mah one. Should be able to recharge an iphone 5 multiple times.

I picked this one up a couple months ago. 16.5k mah. It’s been working extremely well.

nah, it’s just like a power saver alert.
my brother has a note 8 and he tried to dart with the pen and said it didn’t work so i never even tried.
feel like it would be way to easy if they let you use the pen.

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Thats what i thought, how easy it would be because it is very responsive in everything else i use it for!