How does it work?


I have a question that I’ve been stumped about
How does immunity and nullifying strike work?
I have a postimetrodon on my team and hes immune meaning negative effects don’t work on him, but if hes immune then why does nullifying strike (which is a negative effect) not apply?
For example I’ll go for furious strike or adrenaline rush but then a creature with nullifying strike can debuff my postimetrodon? Why is he not immune to nullifying strike? Kinda defeats the purpose of calling him an immune creature if hes not 100% immune


It’s a recent change by Ludia to allow nullify to work on any dinosaur.


I think immunity means you can’t be weakened below your base levels. But nullify strike can take away your benefits, down to but not below your base levels.


It is because indo rex had similair effects and it was too overpowered since there was nothing you could do about cloack but hope and hit. They just changed it so you can remove cloack thus also changed posti


So then my postimetrodon isn’t 100% immune? :frowning:


If that is the way you see it. There are also ability that say become invincible. But you can still kill them with shield breaking attacks.


Immunity mean you can’t be debuff, but Nullifying strike just remove your buff, it doesn’ t debuff!