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How does Ludia calc Trophy counts in win vs loss?


In the Battle Arena winning a close battle against 4 Uniques of the same levels as my set with only 2 Uniques, I received 22 trophies. Next, after losing a tight battle against 3 Uniques at the same level as my 2 Unique set, I lost 35 trophies. Happens a lot. With different combos after I have tracked it for quite a while it seems really arbitrary. No rhyme or reason to it! What’s the criteria? Is it a virtual roulette wheel? Ludia always responds with a concern statement and that they are working on it. No explanation given. Same with speed calculations. Same with losing connection during battle only to regain it with a game reload. Argh! Game concept is so great, but with poor execution.

Trophy counts

It’s based on the trophy count of an opponent currently, not their team. However that is changing with the update.

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Thanks! First explanation of this stuff that I really received. Too bad they didn’t explain it or at least show you the yours vs theirs trophy count or something after battle.

Would you explain the criteria for which Dino goes first in a tie of speed please if you know it? It’s a real craps shoot! Sometimes one goes first. Other times they alternate. Sometimes it seems by health.

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It goes speed, level, rarity and if all of those things are equal it goes down to whos button press is recieved by the server first.

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Thanks. Are you serious as to the whichever signal is received first with the others equal? If that’s really the case, then is it true to decide ASAP and press the button when fighting equals?


I start pressing the spot on my phone where the button would be before the button even shows up…

And yes Im serious

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Yeah best thing to do is smash where the button is before it even comes up. Even then its all based on signal to server. But all you can do is try to hit it instantly.

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I sure hope this will be addressed by the update… RNG is fairer than distance to server, Wifi, phone or internet speed - all factors that are difficult or impossible to control.

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Completely agree. This is one of the most annoying aspects for me of the game and for me it has two possible solutions:

  1. That always decide in RNG
  2. That the RNG decides the first time there is a conflict and from that moment the priority is made alternately.

Can someone explain how the trophy counts work please? I notice more trophies are taken when you lose than when you win. And also what determines how many trophies you win/lose? I’ve had battles won and lose with trophies rangeing from 0-44. I’ll lose 34, but then next battle only win 29. And visa-versa


It’s based on the trophy count of an opponent currently, not their team. However that is changing with the update.

You are losing more when you get beaten by a lower trophy opponent and gaining less because you are beating an opponent closer to or below your trophy count.