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How does one get out of this tournament!?


Ok, so now I have lost almost every battle. I don’t get any incubators, I don’t get any coins and I don’ t got the resources to spend hundreds of dollars to get some. I know I wont get anything from this tournament as I will never get to top 500 so I wonder why I should even bother. For me it’s just 20 days with very few incubators. And yes, I was at 3510 before battle - in the bottom. Now I will face at least 10 days with struggle. This tornament should have been targeted to the to 1000-5000 players.

I think that it would have been much more interesting if the tornament had been split up in 5 different ones one for each battle ground. That way you would at least have a chance on the prices.

Allthough this I really like the game but I really neeeeed coins. :tired_face:


Just drop down in trophies to get easier matches & incubators again. I just fired up battles & let AI lose them for me, repeated until I had dropped a few hundred trophy points, then played properly to gain a few incubators & coins. I do not have a team good enough for arena 8, never mind the leaderboard, so I just let myself drop to point where I could keep incubator slots filled without too much hassle (hard fought matches are fun, but when time is limited you want to get incubators without lots and lots of time consuming 3-2 losses, and pre serious play drop helps that) … Though a lot of the heavy hitters have now accelerated up the leader board so matches at a given (more mediocre) trophy level are getting more like they were before (vaguely even matches within a couple of dino levels) instead of opponents with all Dino’s significantly higher level than yours