How does speed advantage work?

It happens quite often that two dinos have the same speed, but for no obvious reason, one goes first. When the same two dinos face each other, it is decided by button smashing, but when they are different, the opponent attacks first, even though it took him longer to chose his move.

Can someone explain this to me? I wasn’t slowed down since my dino is immune. Understanding this game mechanic might help to win some close battles.

If one is a higher level it goes first.

If both are same speed and same level it is just who pushes the button first.

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emmm, I always think it’s RNG LOL

Ahh I see, haven’t paid attention to the level, since we were close. Might explain this issue. (Even though I have the feeling speed might be bugged sometimes as well). Thanks!

I belive whether it is Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Unique is a factor too - will see if I can find the rules …


You are correct sir… same level utahsinoraptor and utarinex (both 126 speed) the unique will go first

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Here are the rules:


Visuals are bugged, e.g. two of the same creature incorrectly shows the lower level one as faster - as far as I know the actual mechanic is bug free.

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Thanks for your explanations. It was the rarity. Didn’t know about that.

And this is a problem that I have. I have a slightly older phone compared to most people and it means that the connection is slower for me, so everyone will always beat me at the equal dinosaur level. It should be a 50/50 rather than who can press the button quicker. It is probably the one instance where an RNG would be better in this game.

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The person throwing on an equally levelled creature also has an advantage as they know it is going to be a tie and can be stabbing the screen before the buttons even appear. Their opponent has to process the fact and by then its too late.


When everyone is level 30 its going to be a laugh riot …

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I think the first batch of players who started at launch are probably in the mid 20s by now (or at least close to)

There are no bugs in this game.