How does strike events work


How many times a day can i use them, is it a diference between day and night. Have your seen some thing goood one on


Strike Events allow you to win special incubators by participating in battles. Once you’ve won the final prize, you can no longer participate in the event—you’ll have to wait for the next Strike Event to take place. Depending on the type (color) of Strike Tower, you’ll fight 3 to 5 battles in order to win the prize.

I doubt that there’s a difference between day and night—the incubator contents should remain basically the same and are dependent on the type of event being held. For example, before today’s Strike Event got taken down due to technical issues, the Strike Event was all about negative immunity—with creatures like Dilophosaurus Gen 2, Einiosaurus, and Iguanodon as the primary opponents.

If you’re looking for more information, check out or watch a content creator like Poke Fodder explain it in more detail (see his video on Strike Events here: )

_Please note that due to a technical issue, Strike Events are not currently live and running in JWA. Support is currently working on a fix. _


What happens when you lose the strike event and you run out of chances to win do you have to wait 24 hours to try again or are you out for good until the next strike event?


If you lose three Strike battles in a row, you can pay in-game cash or bucks to try again. I think it’s 5 hard cash to try again, but I’m not positive.

Most players shouldn’t have too much difficulty beating a Strike Tower, though. Good luck!