How does tap joy work? Pls help me

Well guys I tried tapjoy on jwa to get some cash but whenever I come plate and offer I don’t get the cash! Can you guys help and tell me the steps to get the cash briefly? Thanks a lot

It doesn’t work and most of them are scams.

I’ve had the same issues.
Tapjoy support said that you have to install the app through clicking on “accept offer” from Tapjoy interface. Immediately download and install the new app. Within the next 10 minutes after installing, open the new app. Make sure that you have a stable connection.

I have followed those steps correctly and they still said that they could not verify that I accepted the offer correctly. This is an issue on their side. You probably didn’t do anything wrong.

What can you do now? Be persistent on your complaint. Send them screenshots of your Tapjoy’s profile showing the date and time when you took the offer and send also screenshots of your new app/game profile showing the date and time when you started playing/using the app. Make clear that you followed the right steps, that you’re providing evidence of that and that you are eligible for the rewards. The issue is on their side, not yours. So, you have to be compensated.

Good luck, they don’t make it easy…

Hey there, PRO_BROIAN739. If you need assistance with your Tapjoy offer, our FAQ might have some info that can help you out: