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How does Tapjoy work?

Last night I was a bit desperate for HC. So I started to try Tapjoy.
I tried every survey task, none of them worked. Some straightaway tell me no survey available, some stops at certain question, and some did not give a cent after I completed.
And what makes things worse is that this morning I received tons of spam from those survey sites.

I had to cancel VIP for being cheated.
Thanks Ludia.

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Simple answer. It doesn’t

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would be better if that bizarre thing is replaced for some advertising watch sustem.

You should have informed yourself a bit more. It’s widely known the smaller ones cause many problems, but the larger ones usally work. Also, Ludia isn’t responsible for that besides working with Tapjoy. They are on their own.

I’ve never gotten a single HC from Tapjoy despite completing some surveys and installing /running games.
I don’t bother with it anymore.

I just got 13,000 and 8,000 hard cash for completing guns of glory and king of Avalon to level 16. Last week I got 4,500 for hatching the dragon egg in Game of Thrones.

Truly mind numbing and boring, and it takes hours of your time, but these games are worth it for the cash on offer from tapjoy

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I like doing them. Yes they take up some of your time but the rewards are worth it, especially when tapjoy is offering percentage bonuses.

If you wait 24 hours a request support button appears. It typically takes a small back and forth through email but they do eventually pay you. Larger offers typically work perfectly although as previously mentioned the games tend to be incredibly boring and pointless and take sometimes weeks to finish