How does the arena battle points system works?

Well I thought that you get 30 points for winning and 30 for losingin arena battles. but now ludia says that we lose based on level and all other crap. I really don’t understand it and have given up hope.I lose 30-38 points I win I get between 2-25 so really don’t understand this.
Please know that the amount of trophy points you gain or deducted is influenced by the Trophy difference between you and your opponent. Meaning you’ll lose fewer trophy points if you lost against an opponent that’s extremely higher leveled than you versus say an opponent that’s closer leveled to you. The amount of trophies deducted isn’t a fixed rate though and varies depending on your account and arena level so we wouldn’t be able to provide them a clear cuttable on how much trophy points you lose with every battle.
Well if my opponent team had low level Dino’s I would have won and they were higher or equal to me so why I lose more and gain less?

The battle system is an elo like one that exists in a lot of game.
You gain trophies depending on the rank of your opponent.
Say your opponent has 5800 trophies and you have 5400.
There is a huge difference between you. If he wins, it’s supposed to be not difficult for him since his team is probably way better. So he’s going to earn like 4 trophies. Same goes for you, it was expected you lose so you are going to lose only 4 trophies.
But if you manage to win the consequences are more important : he will lose like 50+ trophies and you are going to won the same amount too.
Has you see in this example we are talking about the same match but it isn’t the same trophies amount involved depending on the result.

This system is based on the axiom that not every wins are equal and therefore they shouldn’t award the same number of trophies.

A same number of trophies for each win no matter the opponent can’t be an accurate representation of a ranking.

Hope it helps!

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I am interested in this topic, so I am tracking it.
Not sure how it goes but pretty sure @quakeur knows what he is saying cause he is a high level player.
Any other advice (confirmation, weird experience, glitch, denial) is welcome. :slight_smile:

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Interesting… But this should be based on the level of dinos in the match… once I’ve battle a team of low level commons of a player on his way down the arenas… got 30-plus trophies… while after some epic battles against stronger opponents I earn less than that

Well my opponent was at 4478 points and I was something 4100 and I lost 38 points. One more match I was at 4050-4090 I guess and I got 12 points when my opponent was 4300 something. So I am still not sure how this works