How does the connect to Facebook work?

I want to connect my account to my Facebook but when I do will it create a new account or will it take the one i have and connect it to my Facebook? If you know how this works please let me know. Thanks!!

Hey Tyler_Jumper, if you don’t already have a game account linked with your Facebook, it’ll link with the game account you are currently on when you connect. :slight_smile:

I would also recommend writing down or saving your Support Key before do so as well.

Ok thank you!! huge help

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So just to be clear it will not kick me out of the account i am on, and then if I connect it and go to another device and click connect with facebook that account will pop up. i am getting a new phone and i want to get my account onto it

Correct! If you log onto the same Facebook account from your new device, it should bring up the game linked to that Facebook account. :smiley:

Our FAQ here also has some more helpful info as well:

Ok that great. Huge help!!

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